engg stargety 2 ASSESSMENT 2 BRIEF Subject Code and Title Engineering Strategy Assessment Integrating Engineering Strategy Individual/Group Individual Length Individual: 2,000 words +/–10% Learning...

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engg stargety 2
Subject Code and Title Engineering Strategy
Assessment Integrating Engineering Strategy
Individual/Group Individual
Length Individual: 2,000 words +/–10%
Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by the successful
completion of the task below include:
b) Investigate and devise business innovation and technology
management strategies to develop solutions for engineering
business problems;
c) Critically analyse and assess key concepts and
principles underpinning technology strategy and management,
the broad innovation process, R&D management technology
intellectual property protection processes.
d) Review and integrate technology strategies and operations
within and outside an engineering organisation, such as technology-
production interfaces, technology-marketing interfaces and external
strategic alliances and partnerships; and
e) Critically analyse and comment on issues affecting strategic
decision-making and tactical problem-solving processes related to
the global operations of engineering organisations.
Task Summary
Critically review in 2,000 words (+/-10%) the engineering strategy (in relation to research and
development (R&D), technology, innovation and intellectual property (IP) management) of an
organisation known to you. Describe and critically assess how the company has integrated this
strategy internally with other parts of the organisation and externally with its partners and alliances.
This assessment will provide you with an opportunity to research, review and assess the engineering
strategy of an organisation and explain how it integrates with other parts of the company (e.g.,
marketing and production) and external partners (e.g., allies, using strategic tools, methodologies
and processes).
An engineering strategy is important to engineering and technical organisations because it provides
management with a set of decisions about current and future actions that need to be implemented
to ensure that the organisation meets its targets and objectives in areas such as R&D, technology,
innovation and IP management.
For an engineering strategy to be effective in an organisation, it needs to align with and support the
overall company strategy, integrate with other parts of the organisation (e.g., marketing and
operations) and link with external stakeholders (e.g., joint venture partners and licensing
partnerships) and strategic research alliances with universities and public research organisations.
Task Instructions
For this assessment, you will use a strategy process, methodology and tools to critically review the
engineering strategy of an organisation and then critically assess how the engineering strategy has
been integrated with internal and external stakeholders.
You need to prepare for and approach this task by completing ‘Module 2: Innovation strategy and
management’, ‘Module 3: Technology and R&D Strategy and Management’ and ‘Module 4: IP
(Intellectual Property) Protection in an Engineering Context’.
To complete this assessment, you need to research and examine the following issues in relation to
the engineering strategy of an engineering or technical organisation of your choice:
1. Describe the current engineering strategy of the organisation.
● A strategy consists of an understanding of the current situation, the desired future situation and
the actions that need to be undertaken to move to the desired future and achieve the vision and
● An engineering strategy generally covers a number of areas, such as R&D, technology, innovation
and IP management. These areas may be addressed by one or separate strategies.
2. Critically review the existing engineering strategy.
Ideally, an engineering strategy should meet a number of criteria. Specifically, an engineering strategy
● Provide direction, aims and objectives and decisions about future actions in technology,
innovation, R&D and IP management;
● Prescribe consistent strategic choices dealing with the deployment of resources to achieve the
objectives; and
● Answer the following questions: What is to be accomplished? Why do we want to do it? How are
we going to do it? What resource commitments are necessary?
3. Critically assess how the engineering strategy integrates internally and externally to the
organisation. Specifically, consider:
● The overall corporate strategy. The engineering strategy needs to align with and support the
overall organisational strategy;
● Other parts of the organisation, such as those responsible for operations, marketing, finance and
human resources. The engineering strategy needs to identify linkages and indicate how these
and others will be strengthened; and
● External stakeholders (e.g., strategic alliances with universities and research organisations) and
partnerships (e.g., joint ventures or licensing agreement). The engineering strategy needs to
identify partners and alliances that will help the organisation to achieve its objectives
You may wish to use the following as a guide for structuring your assessment:
1. Introduction
2. Background
● Summarise the background information provided on the importance of an effective
engineering strategy that also links with internal and external partners and stakeholders.
● Describe your chosen organisation.
● Describe the objective of the assessment.
3. Research description of the engineering strategy
4. Review (pros and cons) of the engineering strategy
5. Research description of how the engineering strategy integrates with other parts of the
organisation and external partners and strategic alliances
6. Assess (pros and cons) of how the engineering strategy has been integrated internally and
externally within the organisation
7. Conclusions
8. References
9. Appendices
Use APA style to cite and reference your research. For more information on referencing, please visit
our Library website at
Submission Instructions
Submit this task via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in Engineering Sustainability.
The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can
be viewed in My Grades.
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Banasree answered on Jul 31 2022
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Integrating Engineering Strategy 2
1. Critical Review of the Integrating Engineering Strategy.
2. Introduction
Integrating engineering strategy is process of uniquely designed strategies with certain goals like research and design’s target, technological target, IP team’s target etc. Define set of action should have approach the medium and long-term perspective. Major rewar
ds of this project are, to propose a set of structure which helps company to allocate resources co
ectly and develop them on right time. Therefore, company will reach optimal target in regards to adapting changing climate, unlock dimensions, increasingly autonomous, diving into digital, leaner, cleaner and greener etc. Strategic planning integrates with various department like accounts, finance, human resource, marketing etc. In this project, researcher consider the application of strategic planning to improve the product quality of manufacturing company. To achieve this goal, first researcher has analyzed the exiting process of company’s product and their respective processes, then proposed a scientific approach to reach the set goal.
3. Background
There are very smaller number of company available on the market who actually can understand the engineering strategy and vision. One myth is still existed that engineering strategy is hard to define. Truth is engineering strategy is more technical than other management strategies, hence it ends up with boring. One most important thing, as a researcher whenever start project on engineering strategy, always ensure that company’s internal, external and stakeholder must have some interest on it. This type of project will be only benefitted when, people start understand the technological needs and gain some interest for it. Additionally, research also look for the impact of that strategy. In this project, researcher is going to review the engineering strategy of an EV (electronic vehicle) manufacturer company. Company’s CEO doesn’t believe in invest in marketing or advertisement or any endorsement. CEOs believes in technology and good quality product. To develop and understand the needs of the engineering strategy above thought process is positive start.
EV manufacturing company planning to funnel their resources into research and development to improve the model. Major attraction is this EV company’s CEO is an engineer. Cu
ent market research has proved that there first EV model hooked the existing market almost 60-70% without any marketing campaign. Therefore, company is able to invest a significant amount in research development. As we can see the results have been good and any business wants a success where they have pretty good market demand. Company cu
ently ranked in the top 10 of customer report most satisfying car. Company has a goal to keep maintain the same image with their customer and the business have benefitted.
In this review, research will find out some question’s answer:
What is to be accomplished?
Why do we want to do it?
How are we going to do it?
What resource commitments are necessary?
4. Research description of the engineering strategy:
Company’s engineering strategy is innovation. Innovation strategy specifically aim on transforming the automobile industry as a complete lesson for any researcher, especially in regards what is to be accomplished and how we are going to do it. To understand this strategy first we have to consider that company’s first model was launched on 2019. It was the biggest hit. Company got booking for that new vehicle around 200,000 that too within a month. Comparison to the other automobile pre order, number crossed by almost 100,000. Research concur that the company has driven the automobile industry towards EV and achieved consistent growth by generating revenues of $20 billion in 2019. Company articulates an innovation strategy that stipulates, how the firm’s innovation efforts will support the overall business strategy. Creating an innovation strategy involves determining how innovation will capture value for potential customers, how the company will capture that value, and which types of innovation to pursue.
A recent research data found that the first model car of the company is not to hook the market, but the efforts endeavour different things like to win the resources to profitable versus the innovation idea. Eventually they meet in the same page to achieve...

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