Assessment_1 Company name Toyota Engineering Sustainability Individual 1,200 words +/–10% The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by the successful completion of the task below include: a)...

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Assessment_1Company name ToyotaEngineering SustainabilityIndividual1,200 words +/–10%The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by the successfulcompletion of the task below include:a) Critically analyse the importance and challenges of ethicsand sustainability in the economy and organisations, reflecting onthe roles of key sustainability stakeholders; andb) Investigate, analyse and evaluate the challenges associatedwith sustainably and ethically managing an engineeringorganisation’s strategy and functions, as well as the managementcapabilities required.Due by 11.55 pm AEST/AEDT on the Sunday at the end ofModule 3.130%100 marksTask SummaryResearch and answer questions by describing in 1,200 words (+/–10%) the barriers and enablers toengineering sustainability in an engineering organisation. Identify and recommend appropriatepractices that will allow management to strengthen the enablers and reduce the barriers.Please refer to the Task Instructions (below) for details on how to complete this task.ContextMany engineering and technical organisations realise the critical importance of sustainability buthave difficulty developing and implementing effective plans and practices for a variety of reasons,such as a lack of capacity within the organisation or an organisational culture that limits adaptivedecision making.Engineering organisations need to identify barriers and enablers to engineering sustainability thateither support or hinder the development and implementation of the strategy and manageappropriate supporting practices. By studying enablers and barriers to engineering sustainability,management can effectively identify, address and leverage the most appropriate practices forsustainability.This assessment provides you with insights that you can apply to your organisation to facilitate theeffective implementation of an engineering sustainability strategy. To complete this assessmentsuccessfully, you need to understand the important enablers and barriers to sustainability inengineering organisations and appropriate ethical management plans and actions that can beimplemented to enhance, minimise or eliminate enablers and barriers.Task InstructionsTo complete this assessment, you need to research, describe and answer the following questions:1. Which engineering or technical organisation have you chosen? Briefly describe the organisationand its engineering sustainability practices.2. What barriers and enablers exist to engineering sustainability in your selected organisation?Briefly describe the barriers and enablers to the organisation’s sustainability.3. What practices does your organisation need to adopt to strengthen the enablers andreduce/eliminate the barriers? Recommend practices that the organisation can adopt to improveits engineering sustainability practices in an ethical manner.You should prepare for and approach this task by reviewing the content and readings provided in‘Module 2: Managing Sustainability in Engineering Organisations/Functions’ and conducting originalresearch of publicly available information.In structuring the report, please use the following headings as a guide:1. IntroductionBackground information(Description of the organisation that you have chosen)(Description of the sustainability practices of that organisation)2. Sustainability practices in the chosen organisation2.1 Barriers to sustainability2.2 Enablers to sustainability3. 3.Recommendations(Solutions with sub-headings as necessary)4. Conclusions5. References6. AppendicesThis assessment is relevant to the following subject learning outcomes (SLOs):a) Critically analyse the importance and challenges of ethics and sustainability in the economy andorganisations reflecting on the roles of key sustainability stakeholders; andb) Investigate, analyse and evaluate the challenges associated with sustainably and ethicallymanaging an engineering organisation’s strategy and functions, as well as the managementcapabilities required.ReferencingIt is essential that you use APA style to cite and reference your research.Submission InstructionsSubmit this task via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in MEM601 EngineeringSustainability. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal.Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.
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Sustainability report – Toyota Motors        4
Table of Contents
1. Introduction    3
2. Sustainability practices in the chosen organisation    3
2.1 Ba
iers to sustainability    3
2.2 Enablers to sustainability    5
3. Recommendations    6
4. Conclusion    8
5. References    10
1. Introduction
Toyota is the
and name for Toyota Motor Corporation, a worldwide prod
ucer of cars with central command in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. The business was begun by Kiichiro Toyota and was formally settled in 1937. Toyota cu
ently works plants and merchants in a few countries. Its organizations likewise produce steel, engineered pitches, mechanized looms, elastic, stopper, cotton, and woollen things notwithstanding auto items. Others work in the land, pre-assembled home industry, and natural substance import and product. It is the biggest automaker on the planet and furthermore comes out on top in deals of half and half electric vehicles. The organization utilized 359,542 individuals overall as of December 2020, creating north of 9 million vehicles during FY2020 (Wang, 2021).
Akio Toyota fills in as the organization's leader and delegate chief, and its complete capitalization is 635.4 billion yen. The units in light of items and locales are remembered for Toyota's functional degree for business a
anging and association. Electric vehicle reception has expanded the serious environment for Toyota, exhibiting the climate's dynamic person. Specialists accept that the worldwide vehicle business is esteemed generally $4 trillion USD. Passage, Volkswagen, Hyundai, General Motors, and Nissan are Toyota's chief opponents on an overall scale.
2. Sustainability practices in the chosen organisation
2.1 Ba
iers to sustainability
Reviews: previously, the enterprise has needed to send a couple of models back to the industrial facilities because of specific industrious issues. Toyota's concern lies in offering below average or defective items since
and picture is its key concern. An issue with the ai
ag made about 1,000,000 units be gotten back to in 2017. There have been more occasions like this with Toyota over the entire course of time, and these must be in every way halted to reduce the organization's weaknesses.
• Drops in RoE and RoA - The organization's profit from resources and return on value both diminished in 2017, as they did in earlier years, which somehow or another impacted the organization's outcomes.
• Hierarchical Organizational Structure - Toyota's authoritative construction is various leveled and free in nature, which can make it trying to relegate e
ands and cultivate a feeling of local area among workers. The business can save staff for longer timeframes in the event that the design is changed to be more amiable.
• Organizational Culture's Secrecy - Toyota has a mystery culture, which may once in a while cause vulnerabilities since issues can get some margin to surface and be fixed.
• Ascend in the expense of unrefined components - Despite the way that both work and the expense of natural substances will rise, the economy all in all is at serious risk. This can affect the organization's productivity.
• Regulatory Threats: The various regulations and guidelines give a critical issue to the vehicle business. They require serious lawful and administrative tension that they should stay with. While confining strain rises, functional costs likewise light-radiating diode, as well as the other way around. High legitimate prerequisites would likewise make things more challenging for any firm. Furthermore,
ands should be forced to practice intense wariness with regards to regulation and consistence (Thummalapalli, 2019). The organization subsequently sees a few risks here.
• Competitive Pressures - There is a great deal of contention in the auto business. There are a few vehicle
ands available, and every one of...

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