Assessment_3_Brief_ Management Plan and Presentation_FINAL ASSESSMENT 3 BRIEF Subject Code and Title Engineering Strategy Assessment Engineering Management Plan and Presentation Individual/Group...

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Assessment_3_Brief_ Management Plan and Presentation_FINAL
Subject Code and Title Engineering Strategy
Assessment Engineering Management Plan and Presentation
company name (Alstom)
Length Group: Report 700
Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by the
successful completion of the task below include:
a) Investigate and apply business concepts to
construct a strategic plan for a business, create a
sustainable competitive strategy for an ongoing business
entity and develop strategies to facilitate organisational
decision making and problem solving;
b) Investigate and devise business innovation and
technology management strategies to develop solutions for
engineering business problems;
d) Review and integrate technology strategies and
operations within and outside of an engineering organisation,
such as technology-production interfaces,
technology-marketing interfaces and external strategic
alliances and partnerships; and
e) Critically analyse and comment on issues affecting
strategic decision-making and tactical problem-solving
processes related to global operations of engineering
Task Summary
In response to the background information provided, your group needs to research and
develop a strategy to manage an engineering discipline within an international company
operating across different global regions. You need to present your research in a 700 word
Please refer to the Task Instructions (below) for details on how to complete this task.
For some time now, there has been a world-wide movement towards the cross-border
integration of business activities, which, in the case of products and services, covers their
design, manufacture,
distribution and sale. This also includes engineering and technical disciplines operating
across different global regions. For example, research and development (R&D) is being
decentralised to reduce costs and access new capabilities; manufacturing is being moved to
be closer to major emerging markets; the engineering design stage of product development
is changing to cope with demands for quality and customisation; and licensing technologies
are being introduced in new markets in which organisations do not have a presence.
The trends driving the need to manage engineering disciplines across different global
regions include the advent of the digital age (e.g., information and communications
technology and the internet), the emergence and growth of developing countries with low
costs and high levels of engineering capability (e.g., India and China) and the increasing
cost of R&D and innovation.
International companies need to develop international strategies to ensure that engineering
activities across the world are appropriately coordinated and managed. Strategic options to
do this include joint ventures, setting up decentralised subsidiaries, mergers, acquisitions
and licensing.
Task Instructions
For this assessment, you will use a strategy process, methodology and tools to develop a
strategy for an engineering discipline operating across global regions in an international
You need to prepare for and approach this task by completing ‘Module 5: Globalisation
Engineering Strategy and Management’.
In completing this assessment, you will research and develop the following topics to develop
an engineering strategy for an engineering or technical organisation of your choice:
1. Research and choose a suitable international organisation with engineering discipline
operations across various global regions. Do not choose a global automotive
organisation, as this type of organisation was considered in a previous assignment.
Choose an engineering discipline within your chosen organisation that is strategically
important and operates in various global regions. This might include R&D, innovation,
technology development and engineering design.
2. Describe and review the overall company and engineering strategies for your chosen
organisation and highlight any relevant issues in the company’s strategy related to
engineering strategic issues, such as innovation and R&D.
3. Develop a strategy for your chosen engineering discipline that aligns with and supports
the company strategy.
You may wish to use the following as a guide for structuring your report:
1. Description and review of the company and existing engineering strategies of the
2. Development of a proposed strategy to manage the chosen engineering discipline
across global regions
3. References
4. Appendices
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1. Engineering strategies of the organization    2
2. Proposed strategy to manage the chosen enginee
ring discipline across global regions    3
3. References    3
1. Engineering strategies of the Alstom
Recently Alstom released their business strategies for the year 2023. Being the world's leading innovator in sustainable and smart transportation is our ambition and creating agile, inclusive, and responsible corporate cultures are key components of the AIM - "Alstom in Motion" strategic plan. The Alstom objective are investing and transacting in a way that creates value through disciplined investment and growth and a dividend policy of 25% to 35% will be introduced in the cu
ent fiscal year. Considering the historical acceleration in green mobility and sustainability needs worldwide, Alstom in Motion 2025 was created. Alstom has become the foremost international rail company in this exceptional context, an honor we are willing to take on. We are committed to providing our solutions wherever they are required. It is Alstom's corporate social responsibility commitment to work towards ca
on neutrality by increasing public transportation accessibility and efficiency, as well as social equity and inclusion. Alstom's Agile, Inclusive and Responsible values are the driving force behind these convictions. The ESG 2025 targets have been further extended and will be incorporated into the new organization. Priorities of the company...

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