please read the assignment requirment - Assessment 2 – Syndicate Assessment (30%) - Learning Outcome 1,2,3,4Syndicate assessment –3000 words (+/- 5%) - 30% of overall marksYou must submit the case...

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please read the assignment requirment - Assessment 2 – Syndicate Assessment (30%) - Learning Outcome 1,2,3,4Syndicate assessment –3000 words (+/- 5%) - 30% of overall marksYou must submit the case study in Microsoft word format and in acco
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Assessment 2 – Syndicate Assessment (30%) - Learning Outcome 1,2,3,4Syndicate assessment –3000 words (+/- 5%) - 30% of overall marksYou must submit the case study in Microsoft word format and in accordance with the VU “Presentation of Written Work” guidebook ensuring continuity of headings, sub-headings and fonts throughout the paper. The research paper is limited to 3000 (+/- 5%) words and a word count is to be provided on the last page.Necessary explanations for reference purposes and or reference detail can be provided in either Attachments or Footnotes where the word count will not apply, however brevity is important. Harvard referencing will be required – a minimum of 15 academic references will be required. Harvard referencing is absolute and deviation from this direction will result in a fail grade. Students who opt for usage of internet references only or who do not provide the minimum of 15 academic references will not pass. Topic - You are the manager of the transport company and you are required to write a research document on your company for production in an academic journal. The contents of the research document must cover the following:The role of transport in supply chain management, Roles and mode of transportation, managing flow of logistics, mode and cost trade off, transport planning, control and strategy, 3PL AND 4PL, export and import issue and technology in transport management. It is an industry based exercise where students will be submitting a report for assessment on any logistics and transport (3Pl/4PL) issues in Australian or overseas logistics industries.

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Transportation has always been a key business component as it facilitates the movements of goods
where they are needed. It is the one which converts resources in useful goods for the consumers to
use. Yusen Pty Ltd is an Australian logistics company which believes in creating the future for this
industry by deploying new technologies which are efficient and cost effective. The globalization
has played a pivotal role in influencing the changes in the logistics industry. The industry has come
a long to offer a quality service and facilitate the movement of goods in the best possible manner.
Role of Transport in Supply Chain Management
Transportation has a connective role to play for the several steps that are meant to convert
esources in the form of useful goods that consumers tend to use. It is nothing but the planning of
all each and every function and sub-function into goods movement system so that the cost can be
minimized and the services for the ultimate consumers can be maximized. This is what constitutes
the very concept of business logistics. (Cooper, M.C., Lambert, D.M. and Pagh, J.D., 1997).
Traditionally, all these steps were meant to involve separate companies for storage, production,
wholesaling, transportation, and retail sales. However, warehousing services,
manufacturing/production plants, merchandising establishments are just about doing
transportation. Production or manufacturing require the assembly of components, materials and
supplies, material handling and processing within the plant and plant inventory. Warehousing
services between marketing outlets and plants involves separate transport. On the other hand,
merchandising establishments completes this chain as they deliver to the customers. Today, the
manufacturers have limited themselves just to production of goods and leave distribution and
marketing to other firms. Storage and warehousing are considered to be services for production
process and distribution of products. (Taniguchi, E., Thompson, R.G. and Yamada, T., 2003).
The role of transportation in logistics system is way more complex than transportation of goods for
proprietors. The transportation is meant to send the goods at right time to right people which will
increase customer satisfaction. The cut throat competition has flamed the importance of customer
satisfaction. Customers are the most essential for any business and one cannot chose to ignore
customers if one wants to stay in the competition in the long run. If Yusen Pty Ltd lose on this
from, they market pie will be taken away by the competitors who are offering better services. The
service and product delivery are the main elements which ensure customer satisfaction and only
transportation facility can ensure on time delivery.( Armistead, C.G. and Mapes, J., 1993). The
organization should be always up to satisfy customers’ demands so that they are satisfied and give
epetitive business to the company and remain loyal for longer period of time. Also, these satisfy
customers tend to spread word-of-mouth publicity which
ings in more customers for the
organization without spending any cost for customer acquisition. Better transportation facility
helps in
inging efficacy which is nothing but a
idge between consumers and producers.
Therefore, transportation is backbone of the logistic system and a better transportation system can
turn out to be very useful for an organization.
Roles and Mode of Transportation and Cost Trade Off
Maritime Logistics: Maritime industry has a pivotal role to play when it comes to international
freight. The greatest benefit of this mode is its cheapness along with high ca
ying capacity. People
heavily rely on this for some goods such as grains and oils as they need to be delivered in high
volumes. This is the best possible mode when an organization wants to get the goods delivered in
ulk cost effectively. This can prove to be very handy while delivering goods across the
international borders. However, it takes the longer delivery time than in other modes of
transportation. Also, this is heavily affected by the weather factors. Today, maritime logistics
firms use cooperative operation techniques and large ships to enhance competitiveness and save
costs. (Ross, D.F., 1998). Also, these firms focus on service quality to a great deal rather the price
of the delivery. Thus, it becomes imperative to build new and innovative logistics concepts so that
the service satisfaction can be increased. Yusen Pty Ltd has real-time information, goods tracking
systems and accurate time windows.
Maritime logistics is a popular method of transportation since ages. The people in the ancient era
used to do businesses across the borders with the help of this only. There were no other means of
transportation for long distances and people were bound to use this mode. However, it was a time
taking process and could take even months to complete the journey. The delivery of the goods
heavily depends upon the kind of weather is within that time period. If the weather is good, the
goods will be delivered timely and vice versa. In ancient era, people used to take the help of boats
for movement of goods which took the form of large vessels in the cu
ent era. These vessels are
un by fuel and they have reduced the delivery time drastically. Also, these giant-sized vessels are
able to ca
y goods in high capacity which ensures the cheapness of the delivery. (Thomas, D.J.
and Griffin, P.M., 1996).
Air Freight Logistics: Air freight logistics is the fastest way of delivering goods and many
industries prefer this mode where delivery needs to be made in shorter period of time. This is the
one which completes the supply chain of an organization. There are a numbers of goods to be
delivered in an organization and they all have their own delivery time and criticality. The effective
supply chain is meant to take care of the delivery of these items based on the criticality factor.
There can be no second option when it comes to speedy delivery. Apart from the speed, it offers
other benefits such as security, flexibility, lower risk of damage and good frequency for those
destinations where the goods are delivered regularly. The biggest disadvantage of this mode of
transportation is its high fee which every organization cannot afford. The delivery by this mode is
ed when the delivery speed is the crucial...

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