please read the below information carefully. I need all the information to be stated below. one file is also attached with this please read the information of assessment-2 (Research proposal) in this...

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please read the below information carefully. I need all the information to be stated below. one file is also attached with this please read the information of assessment-2 (Research proposal) in this file. in my last assignment i was fail and this is my last chance to pass in this unit. please explain all the things properly.

Identify business for review can be any kind of organization to which the information system should be applied. Introduction to the organization, what does it do, how is its present information system inefficient and why to apply a new one for its efficiency

Develop a comprehensive implementation proposal for an information system that uses a systems approach. The proposal should be targeted at a potential ‘sponsor’ organisation that will need to be convinced of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the proposed new system. Choose an information system (e.g., ERP systems, CRM systems, SCM Systems, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Executive Information Systems, Enterprise Portals, Data Warehouse & Data Mining Applications, Enterprise Collaboration Systems) Knowledge Management Systems, and so on, that you have studied in this unit.

Alternatively, you may wish to combine features of several systems Develop a proposal which targets an organization and its information system. The chosen information system can be any but should show clear understanding of why it is beneficial and why is it not? what are the various factors which have led to the inefficiency of the system? Most important point: Clear and good description of the reasons why has the proposed information system been chosen and how will it be efficient for the organization?

Brief introduction to

1)the functional specs (forms/supplies/orders)

2)Technological specs – architechtural/scalability etc)

Effect of customers(end user/suppliers/clients) on the present and post implementation.

Describe Operating environments:

1) exterior

2) interior

Explain how the system will be developed, tested and implemented

Discuss post-implementation activities.

The next part of the assignment is very crucial and has maximum marks.

It needs the

· definition of the systems development life cycle to be used for the problem/opportunity

· detail description of STEPS of SDLC

· description of design

· the reasons why it has been chosen for the proposed information system

· how is it beneficial for the system and the

Your proposed system could help the ‘sponsor’ by:

• improving an existing manual information system

• introducing a new information system

• creating a new business opportunity

• improving organisational productivity. The sponsor could be:

• top management of your company

• an investor

• a financial institution which will lend you money

• a client who has engaged you as a consultant but is not the same as the financial sponsor.

further details have been given in the attached assignment.

· The proposed system must address an identifiable problem/ opportunity that exists in the sponsor organisation and relate to particular aspects of the organisation’s overall strategic directions.

· It is important that you select the features of your system carefully and justify your selection. Do not just use (be critical of the use of) the standard features of a commercially available software package. For the purposes of this assignment, try to keep the system that you are proposing to a manageable size

The next part of assignment should have Discussion on project management, risk management and change management associated with the implementation of the proposed information system.

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Assessment 2: Research Proposal
Student Name
University Name
Unit Name
21 January, 2019
Subject: Implementation of the ERP System in H&B Private Limited Company
Dear Sir,
I am pleased to attach a thorough research proposal for the proposal to install an ERP system in a manufacturing warehouse called H&B Private Limited.
This research proposal was generated for several reasons that appear to be problematic for the growth and productivity of companies using cu
ent warehouses based on manual systems, which are more time consuming, ineffective and less beneficial for business.
Installation of the ERP system will surely provide the warehouse with a number of benefits to control its inventory, which will provide wide-ranging requirements for tracking production and will better or more enhanced control on the quality management.
The system setup fee is $1,800,000 and involves database management system costs, software costs, and human resource and infrastructure costs, implementation, training as well as maintenance costs.
Successful and proper installation of the ERP system in the organization will provide them with product tracking capabilities, automated collection of data, advanced planning along with scheduling. If company need more details and would like to discuss any information regarding the whole project, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely,
Project manage
Executive Summary
H&B Private Limited is a production and packaging company that handles beauty care products. It uses a manual-based system for the data collection, production management and inventory control. As H&B Private Limited business continues to expand, the need to install an ERP system will be seen as improving production and mitigating the gap between customers and suppliers.
To implement a technical system, PEST and SWOT analysis are used to analyze the internal and external environments of the organization. A cost-benefit evaluation or analysis will also be conducted to measure the complete project's cost-to-cost benefits. Introduce the SDLC model and successfully implement the ERP system, including system planning, analysis or evaluation, system designing, system development, training, system testing, system implementation and maintenance. Finally, satisfactory project management, project risk as well as change management is necessary to overcome the risks, fears of all employees as well as to implementing the project successfully.
Introduction    6
Internal and external operating environments    6
Problem/opportunity for IS/IT    9
Choice of the proposed system: ERP    9
Cost benefit analysis    9
The information system that we are proposing will support the strategic goals of the organisation    10
System analysis & system design for the ERP system    10
Planning    11
Implementation    16
Post-implementation activities    17
Project management risk management and change management associated with the implementation    17
Project management    17
Risk management    18
Change management    18
How is it beneficial for the system and the    18
Conclusion    20
References    21
Appendix    24
H&B Private Limited is a manufacturing plus a large packaging firm opened in 2015. H&B Private Limited is located in Campbell Town. It has grown very fast in the past three years. H&B Private Limited mainly deal with the production along with packaging of a small number of cosmetic creams, cosmetic injections. As H&B thrive, more suppliers and affiliates have increased customer and production efforts.
Vision and Mission: Today they are dealing with a large number of beauty products; they are beginning to accept orders from China and other overseas. Technological advances within the organization are urgently needed. ERP systems can provide superior facilities related to the production, quality furthermore for the data collection.
Internal and external operating environments
All organizations need to analyze external factors in their environment which may affect their all business operations and functions. Most of these factors are factors beyond the organization's control. PEST analysis is the most important tools for identifying external factors that capture political, economic, social and technological issues (Boltena and Gomez, 2012).
Political factors: Political aspects include aspects of government intervention in specific sectors or companies. This is basically a political climate in which companies must strive to achieve stability and goals in a good way in the sector under the business operations. This political aspect includes tax politics, and the government has decided to have several financial implications for the company, including import and export controls, and another point that can
ing profits to the company's growth. In Australia, all manufacturing firms are affected by a variety of political factors, for example as trade policies, grants, funding, and initiatives.
Economic factors: As compared with the Australian income level, prices of real estate are usually high, which has created huge demand for real estate. In fact, in some major cities, this demand is so high that it firmly believes that rent prices are rising and buying any buy-in to block a potentially profitable real estate market. At the same time, population growth and income increase, accommodation demand is now leaving supply, so that prices continue to rise.
Social factors: Social tendencies determine work patterns in addition to attitudes, consumer attempts and preferences, moreover the definite types, forms, with quantities of product or service needs. Listening to social tendencies can take a place in his services and products, thus changing customer expectations. Social factors that influence an organization can be psychology demographics, and lifestyle, consumer perceptions of
ands, products or services, consumer buying behavior, public relations and advertising, ethnicity, society, religious inflorescences, and so on.
Technology: Driving rapid or quick change in the technology through innovation. Internet communicators have eliminated many middlemen. Technological change has changed the success factors of the organization. If companies still use manual systems in their organizations in this technology age, they will not be able to gain a competitive advantage.
With help of SWOT analysis we will explain the internal operating environments within the company. At the same time it will focus more on the external threats and opportunities in the company's work environment (Boltena and Gomez, 2012).
Strong management - The Company has strong management and expertise in a wide range of industries. In the absence of technology, they have a strong control on the company’s inventory system.
Relationship: Company has established a good relationship with its customers and suppliers, which has enabled the company to thrive and attract potential clients.
Location - Location is also one of the advantages of this company. Because it is located in Campbelltown Industrial Zone, where there are many logistics warehouses, you can contact other suppliers.
New entry into the market: Since the organization is only 3 years old. Many companies have enjoyed a high reputation in the market for decades. Organizations need to build their reputation through the installation of information systems to provide better service to suppliers and customers.
Product expansion: Company handles the manufacture of a few beauty products. In the next few years, company will also increase their services and products.
Expansion: Company recently began serving Chinese manufacturing and packaging products, indicating that the firm is greatly expanding their footprint. It can be extended in different countries by providing better services and products to all cu
ent consumers moreover through continuous business success.
Competition: Competition is the biggest threats facing almost all organizations. The fierce competition in the manufacturing is likely to be an obstacle to organizational success.
Government regulatory companies have become global by working in diverse countries. Changes in government rules and regulations in the import as well as export moreover loans and taxes can be a threat to companies (Karim, 2016).
Problem/opportunity for IS/IT
H&B Private Limited Company is involved in the manufacturing and packaging process. They use manual systems to process data collection for inventory and import and export products. Company is expanding in a good way and more and more suppliers plus customers are connected to the company. In this case, the paperwork collected by all records is complex, time consuming and can cause problems. Recent comments from suppliers, employees, and customers indicate that it limits business growth and also enhances several issues (Amini and Sadat Safavi, 2013).
Hence, an ERP system must be installed to gain a competitive advantage or profits. The manual system or framework does not give any numbers, all inventory requires physical...

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