Case study on planning effectively for a student with diverse learning needs Length and/or format:2,750 words Purpose: Demonstrate an ability to plan a differentiated teaching approach to cater for a...

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Case study on planning effectively for a student with diverse learning needs
Length and/or format:2,750 words
Purpose: Demonstrate an ability to plan a differentiated teaching approach to cater for a student with diverse learning needs
Reference – APA
Secondary Female Student. Gifted but not performing academically. Recent family break-up. Loves Art. Peers avoid her.
The case study needs to be answered in parts from A-F, as mentioned below.
Each part has a word count
Part C
Please use the examples as a guide, and the topic for the lesson can be anything related to the subject Society and Culture Secondary
Case Study TASKS
A. What are the most common issues regarding this case study student?
Give a context for this student’s learning needs (one A4 page, 500 words).
· Identify the student’s characteristics and possible strengths
· Identify the possible learning needs of the student – what are the possible gaps in learning?
· Analyse possible issues of concern when including this student in the regular classroom. These might come from the school staff, other students, community members, and/or the student.
B. How can I now put into practice what I have learned? This 2004 UNESCO report explores curriculum differentiation for students with diverse needs.'s_Taxonomy_With_Multiple_Intelligences_A_Planning_Tool_for_Curriculum_Differentiation
Site has research paper on integrating MI and Bloom
Social emotional learning
· Write a set of ten activities in a curriculum area/topic and include the theme of adaptability
· Identify the key syllabus outcomes for the whole class.
· The activities (for the whole class) need to teach the key concepts and engage different intellectual domains and different levels of thinking (MI/Bloom) ensuring each level of thinking on the Bloom Taxonomy is addressed.
· List the 10 activities from low order thinking Remembering to highest order Creating, labelling the activity with the relevant Bloom and MI
· Make sure you write the activities in a way that others would understand what to do if given the task.
· Discuss two benefits of a differentiated unit of work for your case study student. Support this with research. (half A4 page, 250 words)
C. How will I differentiate a lesson for my whole class with adjustments and assessments for my case study student?
Drawing from what you have learned from your readings, lectures and tutorials:
· Format an A4 page as shown opposite.
· Choose and activity from your MI/Bloom matrix & develop a lesson for your class with a planned SMART outcome for your case study student
· Show how you would adjust the task, teaching, resources and environment to facilitate and assess your case study student’s inclusion
500 words

Lesson steps
SMART outcome
Lesson steps for whole class
Write one outcome for the lesson that includes reference to what you wish the case study student to achieve in terms of, for example,
· Curriculum content
· Literacy
· Social skill and/or
· Behaviour skill
Adjustments to lesson to include case study student effectively
How will your case study student’s progress be assessed?
Be specific & link assessment directly to the SMART outcome eg checklist, observations, frequency count, time sample student work product
D. How will I assess my case study student’s progress?
Design a rubric as a strategy for assessment of the student’s progress
· Design a rubric to measure case study student’s progress on SMART outcome. All the SMART outcomes should be addressed –
Time linked
(half A4 page 250 words)
E. Reflection on adjustments
Analyse the issues and adjustments needed for a student with a particular disability in an area of your choice, planning a cooperative learning activity. Cite sources.

· Develop a set of adjustment strategies responding to the issues for a student with a particular disability in an area of your choice describing a cooperative learning activity and the types of adjustments. Cite sources. (half A4 page, 250 words)
F. School-Parent communication
Write 500 words identifying school-parent communication strategies and developing a communication strategy. 
Identify the use of a range of communication strategies for educational contexts with an emphasis on communication with parents about student behaviour and student learning. Design a communication strategy to improve school-parent communication strategies. For your communication strategy, present a communication plan outlining the reasons for communication, content that needs to be conveyed, and strategies followed. Include a brief reflective critique of possible outcomes for learners and their families. Cite sources (500 words)
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