Unhappy Tournament The Shoot for the Cure: 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, organized by the American Cancer Society (ACS) and coordinated by Mark, the Event Manager, was going smoothly. The games were...

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Unhappy Tournament

The Shoot for the Cure: 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, organized by the American Cancer Society
(ACS) and coordinated by Mark, the Event Manager, was going smoothly. The games were running on
schedule and everyone seemed to be enjoying the entertainment. Overall, the event seemed to be a success.
Suddenly, the atmosphere of the event changed drastically. Sally, a participant in the next game, reported to
the basketball court for the beginning of the last 3-on-3 game. The game began, then all of sudden there was a
loud cry from the courts. Sally had been struck by a falling basket. The volunteer first-aid squad assigned to
monitor the event was on the scene immediately. The injury was severe. Sally lay on the court with the
apparatus still sitting across her body. She was not
eathing and was losing blood. Her arms were severely
torn. Sally was airlifted to the closest trauma center, where she received a high level of treatment.
Sally survived the incident. After an extended stay at the hospitality, Sally was released; however,
almost a year after the incident, Sally still did not have full function in her right arm and hand. The prognosis
was poor. As full function had not returned by this point, there was little hope that it would ever return. Sally
would invest much time and energy in occupational therapy to relearn life skills that she had previously taken
for granted.
During Sally’s recovery time, the ACS and the Event Manager were busy gathering all of the paperwork
that they would need in the event that, after recovery, Sally would press charges and demand payment for her
injuries. While gathering paperwork, they noticed that Sally’s parents had not signed a release form for her to
e cared for or transported by event medical personnel. They also realized that their registration package did
not include a form for participants to sign that indicated that they understood that there are risks involved in
participation and that they assumed these risks. Because a precedent has already been set in the courts of
New Jersey, the location of the event, these missing documents would be extremely detrimental to the society
and the Event Manager. The ACS knew that they would be targeted as the deepest pockets and that the Event
Manager would be accused of negligence.
Sally’s parents did
ing a lawsuit against Mark and the ACS. They claimed that their daughter did not
eceive proper attention and that they did not consent to having their daughter airlifted to a hospital outside
the local community They claimed that the time spent waiting for the helicopter should have been spent
transporting their daughter to the local hospital, where she would have received treatment sooner. They also
claimed that they were not informed that such a serious injury could result from their daughter’s participation
in the event. The complaint ended with the assertion that the ACS and the Event Manager were negligent in
using equipment that could fall on and injure participants.
The ACS and the Event Manager had no defense in this matter and eventually had to settle even
though the incident was an accident, and the equipment was inspected prior to use. The ACS agreed to
assume a large portion of the financial burden, and the Event Manager agreed to forfeit all profits and pay an
additional sum out of his own pocket.

1. What should the Event Manager have done to ensure that both he and the ACS were protected
against lawsuits
ought by an injured participant?
2. What forms should the Event Manager have included in the registration package?
3. What specific details should be included in a medical release form?
4. How could the Event Manager prove that he had inspected the equipment, and was it an issue in this

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Goldblatt, J XXXXXXXXXXSpecial events: Event Leadership for a new world. 4th Edition. Wiley: Hoboken, New Jersey
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Question 1
An event manager of an event must be prepared about the risks related to the event and include a proper risk management plan prior to the beginning of the event. In this case, the event manager should have created proper terms as well as conditions for the participants in the basketball tournament, which must have included the terms regarding accidents between the games and the ways, in which the authority would not be blamed for it.
According to Abdel-Basset, Gunasekaran, Mohamed and Chilamkurti (2019), the risks of an event must be prior judged and the plans for treating the consequences must be made. Such proper risk management technique would have helped to protect both the event manager and the American Cancer Society against the lawsuits
ought by the injured participant.
Question 2
The forms which must have been included in the registration package of the participants by the event manager are the consent form which...

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