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Please return the assignment with the first, second and third parts indicated. First part// One page w references • Management of therapy when offered at home • setting limits Explain its impact on the mental health profession. Remember to use the Code of Ethics and legal considerations to answer this question. Second part// One page w references • Describe the role of mental health counselors as consultants and advocates. Third part// 3 PAGES WITH REFERENCES Answer the following question about the case scenario: Case scenario: “You work as a freelancer in your own home and see clients for advice. You've been seeing Joy for three months. She initially contacted you on the recommendation of an infertility support group she attended. She and her partner had been trying to have children, but were told that in all likelihood this would not be successful. The counseling seemed to be progressing well and Joy was beginning the difficult process of talking about her pain. The last time he met with Joy, she was angry and distraught. She had noticed a photograph of him and her children on the wall. She felt that this was an inappropriate self-disclosure and she didn't feel able to talk to you anymore. She left the session halfway through.” How would she respond after Joy left counseling distraught? Explain.
Nov 21, 2023

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