Cases 10 Case 1 Case 1.1; 4.1; 5.1; 7.1; and 9.1 Case 1.1 Case 4.1 Article was divided in two pages of the book (Read Left to Right…Top Half then Bottom Half) Case 5.1 Case 7.1 Article was divided in...

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Cases 10

Case 1
Case 1.1; 4.1; 5.1; 7.1; and 9.1
Case 1.1
Case 4.1
Article was divided in two pages of the book
(Read Left to Right…Top Half then Bottom Half)
Case 5.1
Case 7.1
Article was divided in two pages of the book
(Read Left to Right…Top Half then Bottom Half)
Case 9.1

Cases 10
Cases 10.1; 14.1; 15.1; 16.1; 19.1
Case 10.1
Article was divided in two pages of the book
(Read Left to Right…Top Half then Bottom Half)
Case 14.1
Case 15.1
Article was divided in two pages of the book
(Read Left to Right…Top Half then Bottom Half)
Case 16.1
Article was divided in two pages of the book
(Read Left to Right…Top Half then Bottom Half)
Case 19.1
Article was divided in two pages of the book
(Read Left to Right…Top Half then Bottom Half)
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Case 1.1
What kind(s) of Marketing utility do you think Hewlett-Packard’s sustainability efforts
provide for its customer’s? Are there any downsides to these programs?
As it is popularly known when it comes to marketing and related perception, consumers are very
impatient and do not forgive for
and’s mistakes despite they being committing similar mistakes
in their daily life. This principle has in general very applicable in marketing communications and
ecome extremely important or even say game changer when it comes to marketing the so called
“Green” factor. This is because of the simple reason of customer holding green
ands at a
higher level than normal product offering
A major reason for consumers going for green
and products’ is because of their belief of
ensuring a self expression of caring through this action. It is this very attitude which should be
and possibly must have been targeted by HP when it comes to the possibility of evaluation of
marketing utility for it sustainability efforts and achievements. It is the consumer’s expectation
of them being guided and kept informed when it comes to green initiative that should be the
lucrative portion of the marketing utility application in such scenarios.
The most feasible & possible way to be successful on this front is that HP needs to ensure that it
clearly articulates what it believes in and be consistent over it by expressing it by its
achievements. It should be these very actions and fulfillment of expectations of consumer on
lines for information on this front which should be aptly and continuously targeted and fulfilled
to keep consumer loyal and growing for its
There are definitely downsides associated with this marketing utilization. The downside is not
ecause of the very thing being marketed but because of the possible situations where the
promised deliverables and achievements are missed. In situations where such unfortunate
situation still occurs and company fails to deliver on its promises, consumers are bound to be
annoyed. They are annoyed because they feel being cheated as it was their trust in company and
its promises that made them take step with company with a sense of achievement, which by this
failure has been defeated.
Hence they will attach a bad name with company and then could even turn to be threat from
sustainability perspective. To keep company safe from this possibility, HP needs to ensure
following rules adaptation i.e. “Be clear about what a
and is and isn’t”, “Fulfill on a
promise or modify the promise” and “Know how consumers perceive a
- http:
- http:
Case 4.1
One of the things P&G already knows about online shoppers is that they expect
Websites like to offer the most information anywhere about the product line,
including its sizes, packaging and product options. Do you think online outlets like P&G’s
eStore can convert more shoppers need for information like this into internet sales? What
other purposes can a pilot Web site like the eStore serve for retailers?
While the above statement is absolutely true that internet users look for
and website to
provide them with all information that they are looking forward to but this essentially does not
mean that a collection of such products as in eStore would result in an increase in internet sales.
This we say so because apart from making this information available, the very availability has to
e customized and pitched in a way in which the prospective consumer is motivated to make a
Once this prospective sale is made, the sales Website (in this case it being eStore) needs to
present products and buying options in a way which meets prospective consumers needs and
expectations. Hence given Brand website provides the needed information to user, the underlying
eStore can certainly convert such shoppers resulting in more sales given above conditions are
fulfilled. The simple reason of more hits and click on eStore would result in possible
The other users to which such a platform could be put to use involves test marketing initiatives
and consumer perception and insights gathering. This is so because not only consumer come to
and sites looking for information and offerings but are very open to provide feedbacks,
opinions and details in order to make the offering better for them and getting products which is
ideal for them. Hence it creates a win-win situation for both parties involved and hence the likely
alternative strategic usage of same.
Do you think personalization, customization and behavioral targeting can help websites
like eStore to succeed? What sort of Personal information you would be willing to share
online to improve a retailer’s ability to meet your needs.
I do strongly believe that it is personalization; customization and behavioral targeting that can
esult in the success of website. I even can go to the extent of stating that it is the adaptation of
above features that would become kind of hygiene or at least competitive force in making such
application a success. The sole reason for this theory is the very reason as to why a consumer
comes to a
and site like this. It is the need of information apart from range of offering and
possible ways of making the experience more delightful for consumer rather than stressful and
exhausting hunting for products.
We all would agree to the fact that the level of information that one is ready to share varies
dramatically across individual users. However on a personal front I am ready to share my
demographics details along with product preference details and possible offerings that I look
forward to. All these and associated details made available by me would be in line with needs
which shall suffice and help in improving the offerings and experience.
- http:
Case 5.1
Choose one of the following companies. What colors does it use predominantly in its logo or
packaging? How does the color effect the perception of its products? A. Wendy’s B.
Microsoft C. L.L. Bean D. Sta
For answering this question and associated analysis, my choice of company would be that of
Microsoft. Microsoft has a very simple logo in place with the letter M in White and rectangular
area in Blue. This logo has been in use ever since. On the packaging front we have the surprises
and uniqueness. The packaging of Microsoft involved every possible commonly used color
anging from white to blue to green to orange to black and even pink.
The logo and the packaging color combination has significant impact on the perception that the
product and company has among it targeted consumer and the very communication that company
wants to convey to its targeted consumer base. The logo has colors of blue and white within it. It
signifies the general perception of high quality, peace loving, safe. Additionally it reflects itself
as something that has high amount of creativity and state of art involved. Hence almost all
features that a software product buyer or user would be expecting from product.
On the packaging front, the multiple color combination is perceived as some product in offering
which serves and makes happy all categories of users that comes under it like pink signifying
girly & youth features, green signifying a eco friendly product while orange & other vi
color signifying youth while traditional white and blue is always there to communicate what is
communicates through its logo.
Should a global firm like McDonald’s or General Mills Change the colors of its logo or
packaging depending on the country in which it is marketing? Why or Why...

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