Crime Prevention Assignment 4 Part 1 Drug Related Crime Prevention Consider cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine 1-Present interdiction methods 2-Present a plan for deterrence 3-Present a treatment...

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Crime Prevention Assignment 4
 Part 1
Drug Related Crime Prevention
Consider cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine
1-Present interdiction methods
2-Present a plan for dete
3-Present a treatment plan
* Include a timeline and expected results
 Part 2
Starting a Community Policing Project on a University Campus
Who would you start with?
When/where would you meet?
How would you involve participation?
What problems are you likely to face?
Part 3
School Violence and Crime Prevention
Discuss the history of school violence.
Discuss three major incidents, what led up to them and why.
Apply target hardening measures to school violence.
How would it have prevented the incidents you wrote about?
Apply crime prevention design in the school environment.
How would it have helped prevent the three incidents you ?
What is cu
ently being done? How has it changed the schools/police?
What changes have already taken place?
What changes would you make to prevent future incidents?
 Your paper should:
Be properly formatted (MLA)
· Approximately four to six pages
· Not include any cut-and-pastes
· Not be plagiarized
· Be submitted on time
· Submitted on Canvas in a format acceptable to
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Last Name:    4
Contents    2
Introduction    3
Analysis    3
Drug related crime prevention    3
Starting a Community Policing Project on a University Campus    4
History of School Violence    5
Three Major Incidents    5
Conclusion    9
Work Cited    10
    Interpersonal violence in schools impacts the lives of many students globally. Violence can be in the form of physical, sexual as well as emotional abuse. When the children at a very early age experiences violence in the school, it impacts the physical and mental health and the effect of the same is lifelong. Further, the violence can have an impact on the educational outcomes. It acts as a ba
ier for the children to lead a successful and prosperous life. School violence is not restricted to the u
an schools but also prevalent in the subu
an schools. There are cases of violence in the form of school shootings which have left deep scars in US. The highly publicize shooting has raised fears in the mind of the students.
Drug related crime prevention
    The present methods used for interdiction of substances such as cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine are reducing the supply of illegal substances. This can be by destroying the crops, a
est of the big traffickers, dealers of substances and minimization of the substance availability on the streets of US and globally. Hence, it is prevention which can diminish the downward trend of substances (Sulkunen).
    The plan of dete
ence which can be used for reducing the use of substances such as cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine are reducing the demand through organizing special programs which are aimed towards the individuals which makes them vulnerable to substance experimentation, its continuous usage and dependence. This will also ensure that certain protective factors are implemented by the federal government which are beneficial for the individuals and the environment. Further, the psychotropic and narcotic medicines can be put under control if the medicine dealers do not sell these substances without medical prescriptions to the users. Thus, it is medical education which plays a crucial role in reducing the availability of substance for abuse (Ghodse).
    The present treatment plan for reduction of substance abuse will be in the form of demand reduction. Policies and programs will be aimed for reducing the demand of psychotropic and narcotic substances and implemented according to the International Substance Control Conventions. For this there must be five steps followed: (1) assessing the problem by evaluating the nature and magnitude of substance abuse (2) tackling the problem through public awareness, education, early intervention, after caring and social reintegration along with immediate assistance and access to services in need (3) forge partnerships by promotion of community-wide participatory and partnership approach through precise assessment of the issues, social welfare and health promotion and preventive education policies (4) emphasizing on the special needs of the general population (5) communicating the co
ect message to the target population. The timeline will be 5 years and the expected result is curing atleast 50% of the patients affected to substance abuse.
Starting a Community Policing Project on a University Campus
    It will be Columbia University where the community policing project will be initiated. This program will be targeted to the youths and university students who are victims of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and psychoactive substances. As per WHO, 5% of all death among the youths are between the age of 15 to 29 years due to consumption of drugs and alcohol. A report from World Drug Report 2017 states that around 28 million years of healthy life is lost due to premature death and disability caused by consumption of drugs (Tamrat).
    The program will be held in the month of May’2022 and will continue for 5 years. There will be public awareness programs and events in the form of stage show, dramas, acting, movie clips, educating the students to deal with stress instead of consuming drugs and allowing the university students to visit the rehabilitation centers where the patients affected to substance abuse are being treated. This will encourage the youths to strategize different plans during stressful situations instead to getting accustomed to drugs (UN Office of Drugs and Crime).
    The problems which we will face are with respect to active participation of the people of the community. Then it will be maintaining confidentiality of the records of the students who are victims of substance abuse, support from the police and municipality for organizing programs aimed at creating public awareness.
History of School Violence

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