Please see attached the previous assignments: assignment 1(CST8277_450_Haddad_Cynthia)and assignment 2(CST8277_450_Haddad_Cynthia (2)), as well as assignment 3 instructions with a video example....

Please see attached the previous assignments: assignment 1


and assignment 2

(CST8277_450_Haddad_Cynthia (2)


, as well as assignment 3 instructions with a video example. (

CST8277 - Assignment#3 / Assignment3.mp4)

Assignment Tasks:

Now that you have prepared all required content for your application in Assignments #1 and #2, you will now begin implementation of the following.

What you should do:


Having a data model from assignment # 1 and UML diagrams from assignment # 2 you need to implement your services up to a working condition.


As a result of this assignment you should get working and tested code providing basic Twitter functionality.

Submission Guidelines:


You need to submit an archive with name pattern {Course #}_{Section #}_{Last name}_{First name}.zip containing your project source code

and short video file demonstrating the following:


How you build all services (either from terminal window or from your IDE)


How you start all services and their status after start, including host and port they start listen to


How you issue your requests:


Get all users


Get all roles


Add user


Get all messages


Get messages produces by specific producer


Get messages for specific subscriber

Please pay attention your video should be quite short and not exceed the limit of 100Mb per file. It is not required to record yourself, your voice with comments or anything else, unrelated to working application. In my case it was enough to record a terminal window and an application I used to issue HTTP requests (Postman), so you may do exactly the same.

Mar 04, 2023

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