Please solve the attached Marketing questions.Use the attached study guide for answering the questions.

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Please solve the attached Marketing questions.Use the attached study guide for answering the questions.
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Marketing Questions 1
Marketing Questions
Question 1: Marketing
According to Kotler & Keller (2009), marketing is a societal process through which groups and individuals are able to obtain what they need and want by creation, communication and free exchange of services and products that have value to other people. Marketing process involves organizational activities and individuals who facilitate a satisfactory exchange relationship in an extremely dynamic market through creation, promotion, distribution and sale of goods and services.
In any company, customers are the centre of every decision and activity that a company participates in. Marketing acts as the mediator between customers and functions of the company. For instance, in order to increase production of sodas, Coca-Cola Company must consider the number of customers who are willing and able to buy their drinks at a given period.
All products and services that a company produces or manufactures have customers as their only ultimate targets. Thus, for success of any product or service, the needs and wants of customers must be met. Therefore, promotions and other forms of marketing, aim at linking various services and products to their respective customers. Without marketing, customers would not have information about the products and services that they require. Thus, marketing is an important aspect to both customers and company (Kotler & Keller, 2009).
Question 2: Service Recovery Strategy
A Service Recovery Strategy aims at helping customers to recover from accidents or any inconveniences that may occur in the process of offering a service like in the case of fast foods. Recovery strategies may include services such as dry cleaning services for those customers who spill drinks or foodstuffs on themselves. Another strategy can be that of having enough packaging materials to allow take away of foods and drinks (Aaker, 2012). Thus, in order to guard customers’ experiences in the fast food retail enterprise, there is the need to turn emba
assing and negative incidents into trust building acknowledgements. This is a significant element in structuring a Service Recovery Strategy. This is because customers use their experiences in making decisions.
For the success of a Service Recovery Strategy, there must be effective communication between customers and the retail shop. It is for this reason that elements such as questionnaire and opinion boxes are highly essential. These tools give customers an opportunity to air their views and recommend on possible improvements. A Service Recovery Strategy must anticipate the recovery needs. The employees should be aware of potential problems that are included in the strategy. The element of fast response and fast decision making procedure will ensure a fast recovery process, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty (Aaker, 2012).
Question 3; Branding
Aaker (2012), defines a
and as a term, design, symbol, name or any other characteristic that can be used to distinctively identify a service or good to a specific company or seller. A good example is that of Coca-Cola from the Coca-Cola Company, a
and that is widely recognized as a global
and. However,
anding means more than just the labeling of products to distinguish one from the other. In order to make
anding a success and the most powerful tool of modern marketing, various aspects should be considered. These aspects include the Brand position. This is a part of
anding that differentiates a product or service from other products in the market (Aaker, 2012).
Another critical aspect of
anding is that of consistency. To sustain a
and, an organization must consider the consistency in actions, results and messages. The
and promise aspect is where an organization promises to deliver efficiently and consistently to the customers. Every time a
anding is done, there must be considerations for employees, customers, and partners' expectations. Brand personality,
and story and
and associations must be in line with the organizations values and objectives. The colours, logos, fonts, imagery must also be compatible with the
and promise (Aaker, 2012).

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