Please, write a research project on a Canadian sociological topic that interests you, using those data or any other data sets you prefer You must examine at least three interrelated research...

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Please, write a research project on a Canadian sociological topic that interests you, using those data or any other data sets you prefer

You must examine at least three interrelated research hypotheses that come from some theory about Canadian society.I would be happy to assist you with ideas on topics, sources, etc.

Your paper should not exceed 10 typed and double-spaced pages (excluding any tables or graphs, etc., you may use).It must have an additional title page and a bibliography page.

Think in terms of writing a paper for a government agency or politician (i.e., be convincing about the importance of the issue you are examining).You must provide the reader withtheoretically and empirically informed arguments,have a (tentative) thesis/multi-causal model, a literature review and a data and methods section.

Your project write-up must have:

•a title page in the front, with a precise title that reflects the content of your work, all your personal information, and your bibliography at the end.

•an introduction, a thesis, a literature review, a data section, a main body and a conclusion.

•it must use at least 5 sociological sources

•Synthesize in the literature review part.

•Do not be afraid to use first person and take a position. You are conducting and writing the research; not anyone else.

Research Project Format

·Title page (title of project, your name, course, etc.)

·Introduction of relevant topic (What is the problem? Why is it important? )

·Thesis (your position; a clear and precise causal statement)1 page maximum for both (introduction and thesis).

·Literature review (What are the major debates on the subject? See MLS).2.5 - 3 pages for theliterature review.

·Data section: specific analysis of the variables you are using (why those variables, coding/recoding, measurement, etc.) 1.5 - 2 pages for the data section.

  • Analysis (your evidence and arguments), approx. 3 - 3.5 pages

  • Conclusion 0.5 page

  • Appendix (show all output, tables and graphs used in your work. Number them properly).

  • Bibliography (as many pages as required).

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Introduction to topic;
In today’s day when a pandemic is taken over the world, business productivity, employment, joblessness and wage are important considerations. While ecosystem of recession is different topic, I will start with point of equal wages for male and female, in other words, wage parity. With equal wages for male and female organisation is able to contribute to society with job creation matching skill set and put in place good risk and reward program. By hiring correct skill and tracking productivity, pro
fit maximisation goal is achieved. This being only one side of the coin of growth in career argued for respective gender based on multiple citations. The side of sociology is emotional side effects based on potential grounds of motives and making of relationships and motives. The issue core to both business, career growth and personal emotional side effects is questioned marked in terms of overall growth, development and ultimately creating viable sociology.
Thesis introduction with precise statements (Thesis Abstract);
Sociology is study of human society and structure at large which also examines its issues. In nutshell it talks about human evolution in society within many layers and multi-factored behavioural. Creation and sustaining an inclusive society are possible with gender parity that ensure every corner of society is well looked after.
Starting with career considerations, this thesis first looks at important variables of productivity, matching skill set, motivation, risk and reward within gender diversity. In this era debate over women empowerment, women centric policies and gender equality are being done. On these lines, included references takes a unique example of academic field where men are preferred more than women. A collective and multi-faceted approach in this thesis is employed by analysing skillset-based changes in occupation for male and female to account for difference in productivity. In that direction female being lesser than average productivity while arguing that women facing number of personal issues. This overview builds a good ground for productivity at work and therefore scope for equal incentive for female.
As an individual is unique in terms of contribution and therefore, it’s critical to account for wage disparity is gauge from Canadian centre of Policy Alternative (CCPA) report. Before proceeding with any policy implementation, further widening view is employed with attention on social behavioural aspect. Wage disparity does imply longer no of years with limitation of older age if current wages structure to continue. Therefore, policy intervention can be deployed to evolves new trends that would leave to new behavioural pattern having indelible mark on society.
Financial issue is not the only consideration in sociology. A balance view of impact society at large is considered in thesis while analysing emotional side effects of career growth. Surveys and reports suggest that men having upper hand in wage parity while alternative policy initiate are likely for women counterpart. However, winning with higher salaries and increased chances of promotion comes with many risk factors.
Trend in internet user growth has brough about generation evolution of relationship with online dating. These trends are examined with final external study of risk factor of suicide after relationship breakdown.
5 literature review with what is subject of debate?
1. Paul millar and Jane e. BarkerGender published paper titled “Gender and academic Promotion to Full professor in Ontario in Canadian journal of sociology /Cashier S Canadiens de Sociolofie 45(1) 2020. The key theme of this paper focuses on academic, gender and promotion. With study of large number publicly available data, conclusion was drawn of gap in promotion where men are more preferable in academic domain. While professors where paid less than business professor at the time of promotion, limitation of this papers is not making adjustment for grants and parents, in other words, not accounting for productivity.
2. Examining productivity in creation of patent, research & citation, funding and collaboration impact distinguished for men and women, paper titled “Gender Variations in Research Productivity: Insights from Scholarly Research” referred. Findings suggests men being higher productive in these areas on average while gap is narrowing with women. Thereby, subtle factors like age, marital status, children and other personal factors likely to have been causing lower average productivity in female.
3. To examine point of average lower productivity in female, Paper titled “A growing concern Ontario’s gender pay gap” is referred which expresses growing concern about pay gap / disparity in wages widening over years between men and women. Policy intervention are critical but before providing ground for higher career growth to women, psychological make up of men should be considered starting first with relationship forming and then examining risk factors due to evolution.
4. According to report on “Love Online: A Report on Digital Dating”, phasing out of older population and emergence of online dating and users of online dating service are new relationship forming grounds. Main drives and statics are provided to reinforce this point.
5. Finally, an external source of paper published in American Journal tile “Why Might Men Be More at Risk of Suicide After a Relationship Breakdown? Sociological Insights” is used to examine distinct view on suicide as risk factor after relationship breakdown in men compared to female. The paper included as it leads discussion on to key qualitative drives of increased risk like - nature of intimacy changed, men feeling loss of honour, compared to women, men feels more positive experience in marriage, control in relationships, heightened importance in childcare for men, and men’s social networks.
Data: Data gives insight in to issue and...

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