Please write a Research Report of 3000 words (Two Parts) This is an opportunity for you to develop an understanding about becoming an effective leader, by reflecting on yourself and using a role model...

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Please write a Research Report of 3000 words (Two Parts)

This is an opportunity for you to develop an understanding about becoming an effective leader, by reflecting on yourself and using a role model for this.

Part One

In the first half of the report you will identify and justify a suitable leader as a role model, you will need to do research to discuss why they have been successful and how they provide positive example and direction for you. This will include using examples from their leadership experience, research into what leadership qualities they had and how they developed these. Please use relevant leadership concepts and theories to help you analyse your chosen leader.

Part Two

In the second part you will undertake a number (at least 5) self-assessments (quizzes) to determine what areas you could develop for your leadership effectiveness. You will reflect on your past leadership experiences either as student or at your internship or work. If you have not had direct leadership experience, then reflect on your self-leadership. You will also do additional research to help with your choice and to help you support and justify the areas you have chosen. From this self-reflection, decide on 3 areas for your leadership development, this might include looking at any of the following;

Traits of successful leaders, which include self-confidence, humour, humility, or generally developing good communication skills and or emotional intelligence etc. You may look at developing your situational leadership skills in order to respond to either building relationships or the tasks required to complete the job. Or you could look at any of the following leadership styles either transformational, servant or ethical.

Do some additional research to understand these areas further in order for you to develop a leadership plan. The plan will include the areas you have identified, provide a justification of why you picked and what you will do to develop these. You must show you have done your research from quality academic sources and have used the concepts and theories to support your analysis and plan.

The Research Report should include, in this order;

o Table of Contents

o Introduction-Definitions/Background of the topic, purpose of the report, steps taken to address this, line of research and statement justifying your role model.

o Findings and Discussion

Part 1

o you will need undertake some extensive research to find a suitable leadership role model, this may include someone from hospitality or other fields. You will need to do research into this person to be able to discuss and justify your choice. This includes describing why they are a successful leader and then why they make a suitable role model for you. Ensure that you show evidence of research from suitable high quality management magazines and academic journals

Part 2:

By undertaking 5 self –assessments (quizzes) identify three areas for your leadership self -analysis. You will need to list which quizzes you did and briefly mention the results as part of your justification for the areas you picked. For example you might pick any of the following; confidence, skills in communication planning, developing the right traits and characteristics or leadership situational awareness.

From this self-analysis create a leadership development plan outlining what you will do to develop these areas over the next year or two. You will also do additional research to back up why you chose these areas and to support your argument. Please use relevant theories and concepts to back up your personal analysis and the areas you have focused on in your plan.

o Conclusion- Summing up of overall research report

o References

o Appendices

Pronoun: Please use Third person when referring to your chosen leader and in first person when analysing yourself

Style: Research Report and ensure all writing is grammatically correct

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Research Proposal        0
Topic- Leadership Development Plan
Student’s Name-
Student’s Number-
Unit Code-
Date of Submission-
Word Count- 3000
Referencing Style- APA
Introduction    2
Findings and Discussion    2
Part 1    2
Part 2    4
Self-assessments (quizzes)    4
Self-confidence, skills in communication planning, humility    8
Leadership development plan    10
Conclusion    12
References    14
It is written somewhere "if people criticise, no one succeeds." However, everyone who achieves success will not only get criticism, but most of them will become role models for people who desir
e to be things and achieve their goals. The leadership development plan helps to establish a career in the strategic leadership path (Arensdorf & Brungardt, 2017). The primary purpose of this report is to analyse my leadership skills and qualities. This self-assessment test is used to determine which areas I can develop to improve my leadership effectiveness. The characteristics of successful leaders include self-confidence, humility, or generally good communication skills. I strive to improve my leadership skills. For this purpose, I have planned a leadership development plan to carry out work in these areas in the next year or two. My role model is Jobs. He is an American entrepreneur and a commercial giant. I chose Steve Jobs as my role model because I like his views on passion, belief, and life. When it comes to passion, he said that he should follow your dreams and work hard to realise his dreams. He always does what he believes in him.
Findings and Discussion
Part 1
Five lessons I learned from Steve Jobs:
Jobs taught that if I keep enough time in a game and continue to work hard, I will succeed.
Since I first saw the Apple IIc advertisement in 1983, I thought I was a huge Apple fan. For many years, I have my Apple IIc, Powerbook 170, MacBook Pro i7 17", iPod 40GB, iPhone 3GS, and many other Apple devices or accessories. For the ever-present Apple fans, things are not always that good. In fact, in the late 1990s, the situation was terrible. Most people predicted that Apple would be closed within five years. Apple produced a series of product failures caused its expected death.
2) Do not fear
I understand that to become successful, you must do some new things and don't afraid of failure. The main reason for Steve Job's success and persistence is that he is not afraid of mistakes. With this guts and courage, he can go out and do something that makes Apple stand out from the competition. Job’s famous quote “How can we apply it” makes sense. Remember that we are going to die one day and this is the best way to avoid falling into entrapping of thinking we lost something.
3) Opposition to status QUO
Jobs also taught me that you must be different as well as not "normal" as anyone else. "Normal" and doing others has never been successful. Never forget" normal" means "normal income." Jobs also demonstrated this for all products he launched. Certainly, some were successful, and some were failed. But Jobs is "different" rather than "normal." He is a visionary, pushing people out of comfort zones, changing habits and adapting to new technologies. Finally, (or we will say at the beginning), Jobs helps us push us to the new technology era faster.
4) Pay attention to details
Jobs also taught me the importance of features. Every aspect is essential as we all know, Jobs is the super anal of every element in the product development process. He will order lots of different samples and then go to see the features people will miss. This is his concentration to detail, particularly the aesthetic application of Apple's cooling products.
5) As long as you go out, the point is always connected
I understand that sometimes what we do does not still make logic for the overall long-term situation however it does. What we do looks like drawing a random point, but finally, the ends will be connected, and things will surely make sense.
Part 2
Self-assessments (quizzes)
1. John Maxwell Leadership Assessment:
    Self Reflection
    I influence others
    I have self-discipline
    I have a good record
    I can solve the problem
    I can handle stress.
    I have shown a positive spirit.
    I am willing to take responsibility
    I am accepted as a leader
Summary: When evaluating my leadership potential, I must focus more on my qualities than on specific points. Due to different leaders' scores, scores vary. Great leader (should guide other outstanding and great leaders). Emerging leaders (focus on growth and start coaching others). Demand growth may not be ready as a leader's guidance (Piatt & Woodruff, 2016).
SWOT Analysis
· Strong or solid follow-through
· Properly balanced work-life viewpoint
· Multi-interested (for example work and recreational activities such as curling, and golf
· Strong need to “finish things and remove them from my list” and complete them immediately, thus undermining the advantages of careful deliberation eventually.
· Compulsiveness sometimes makes me forgive the task assigned to me, that is, the pressure of many tasks, and I need to take every task seriously. This may lead me to have bad ideas about the person creating the task as well as the environment.
· Let others provide feedback on their experiences with me
· Be tutored to improve my leadership skills
· Learn similar roles from others
· To strengthen my management capabilities so that tasks can be completed quickly so that we can consider them more carefully
· Enhancing the calm of work-related projects or tasks
· High time pressure, this may affect my self-improvement plan, because it brought me back to the "ordinary" habit
· Lots of daily needs, reflecting self-reflection
Summary: Evaluate every invitation carefully to ensure its necessity; Delegate responsibility for clear decisions when I am not present. I must ensure that I communicate many times and focus on providing that it is presented to the entire group; focus on the social interaction to ensure that the new members of the group know the...

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