Purpose The purpose of this assessment task is for students to analyse a conflict situation, to understand the professional cultural competencies required when working with people and various aspects...

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The purpose of this assessment task is for students to analyse a conflict situation, to understand the professional cultural competencies required when working with people and various aspects of the conflict. This builds on the skills and knowledge from the first two assessments.

USING THE ARTICLE :https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-06/black-lives-matter-rallies-held-across-australia/12325442

the attached files, active reading and MULT1015 are the previous assignments scaffold - have provided them as this assignment refers about the knowledge of previous ones

Your essay should include:Your essay should include:

1.An introduction outlining the topic you are addressing, definition of key terms, signpost the main areas you will cover, and a thesis statement.

2.A body paragraph which briefly explains the background to the chosen conflict and summarises the perspectives of the participants in the protest.

3.A body paragraph that describes examples of cultural competency that a practitioner in your field would need when interacting with a protestor.

4.A body paragraph explaining the cultural competency responsibilities for professionals in your discipline using the relevant Code of Ethics. e.g if you are studying Social Work you would look at the code of ethics from the AASW on working with diverse clients

5.A body paragraph Describing how you might work with someone from another discipline from ACAP – e.g if you are studying Social Work how would you work with a psychologist or criminologist. .

6.A conclusion which summarises the main points of the paper and paraphrases your thesis statement.

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Answer To: Purpose The purpose of this assessment task is for students to analyse a conflict situation, to...

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The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement was established in the US as a reaction to the frequent police involvement in vigilante murders of Black Americans. It grew into a forty-chapter, cross-continental movement. Australian companies, community groups, activists, artists, and campaigners hav
e had a platform to address social, humanitarian, and environmental challenges since 2017 thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement. Australians now have a new opportunity to fight for their rights and engage in community-led action thanks to the international movement known as Black Lives Matter. Black people have historically experienced prejudice and violence in both Australia and the United States. In each of these economically powerful nations, police, vigilantes, and physicians murder black people more often than white ones. Black Australians are thus trying to improve the criminal justice system and stop prisoners from dying in imprisonment. They are also fighting to maintain their communities' existence, their own political and personal power, and their property rights. In this instance, when a white police officer murdered George Floyd in the US state of Minnesota, Black Lives Matter demonstrations erupted all across the world. On June 6, 2020, hundreds of Australians demonstrated against the killings of Indigenous people who were detained by the police.
The day after demonstrations
oke out all across Australia, an article titled "Black Lives Matter rallies were held across Australia to protest the mistreatment and deaths of Indigenous people" was released. The unjust treatment of indigenous people was the main topic of the demonstrations. The article provides a journalistic account of what happened in Australia on the day of the protest. It provides a wealth of information on what transpired. The following details are taken from the article:
• Thousands of Australians protested against police killings of Indigenous people on Saturday. This happened in retaliation for a white police officer in the US killing a black man named George Floyd.
• The demonstration was in response to Black Lives Matter. prejudice against black people and native Americans was mentioned. "Black Lives Matter." were screamed by the demonstrators. They demanded that the prejudice being practiced in Australia stop.
• Mick Willing, the New South Wales Police associate commissioner who is in charge of the operation in Sydney, said that he has only received positive feedback from all corners of the state. He said that just three of the 20,000 demonstrators in Sydney—a 15-year-old child, a 23-year-old guy, and a 51-year-old man—had been detained for interfering with the peace.
In Melbourne and Queensland, 10,000 people peacefully demonstrated. Although safeguards were taken against the coronavirus, social interaction did still occur. To support the American uprisings and Australia's Aboriginal and To
es Strait Islander people, wa
iors of the Aboriginal Resistance traveled to Queensland. In order to organize the...

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