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Quiz 2Activity Sheet Ch 7 (20 pts)Chemistry 121 – Dr. PriceName ______________PV=nRT R = 0.0821 L atm / mol K0(C = 273.15KReminder: You are welcome and encouraged to work with fellow students on this. You are not allowed to google, search the internet, search your book, or ask tutors for assistance. This is a test of your knowledge, not a test of your ability to look up answers. 1. (2 points) What is the relationship between vapor pressure and boiling point for a liquid?2. (2 points) Why is the boiling point for water different on a mountain versus at sea level?3. (2 point) Why is the vapor pressure of the gas over pure liquid C4H10 higher than the pressure over liquid C8H18? Which liquid will have the higher boiling point?4. (4 point) Will the volume of one mole of a gas increase or decrease under the following conditions:a. Temperature is increased while pressure is held constant b. Pressure is increased while temperature is held constant 5. (2 point) The phase change from solid to gas is called ____________________ and it is ______________________ (endothermic or exothermic). 6. (1 point) Draw two Lewis structures showing the strongest intermolecular force between two ammonia molecules (NH3). Name the force.7. (1 point) Draw two Lewis structures of formaldehyde CH2O (carbon is central atom) showing the strongest intermolecular force between the two molecules. Name the force.8. (2 points) A gasoline or diesel car spews 8.89x103 grams of CO2 into the air, for each gallon of gasoline burned. What is the volume CO2 from burning one gallon of gas? Assume you’re at sea level (1.00atm) and outdoor temperature is 22.0(C? (Hint: use PV=nRT)9. (2 points) A free diver takes a 1.50L breath of air at a temperature of 25.0 ºC and pressure of 1.02 atm. What will the volume of her breath be when she dives to a depth of 65ft where the pressure is 4.05 atm and her lung temperature is 35.0 ºC?10. (2 points) Draw the cooling curve for steam cooling from 115(C to -5(C. Label each phase (solid, liquid, gas), and each phase change (ie: vaporization, condensation, melt, freeze, sublimation, deposition, etc) on your graph. Reminder: Temperature is on your Y-axis and heat is on your X-axis.
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Ans 1. Vapor pressure of a liquid is inversely proportional to its boiling point. It means as the
vapour pressure of liquid increases its boiling point decreases.
Vapour pressure ∝ 1/ boiling point
Ans 2. Since the air pressure at mountains is lower than that of the sea level that’s why the boiling point of water at mountains is also lower than that of the sea level.
Ans 3. A) The vapor pressure of the gas over the pure liquid C4H10 is higher than that of the pressure over liquid C8H18 because there are strong intermolecular forces present in C8H18 as compared to that of C4H10 and therefore a smaller number of mole of vapours can form in case of C8H18 and so less is the generated vapour pressure.
B) The boiling point of C8H18 is higher because of the strong intermolecular forces
Ans 4. As we know that Ideal gas equation is: PV=nRT so:
a) If we increase the temperature keeping the pressure constant then volume of one mole of a gas increase as n is constant (1 mole) and R is universal gas constant. So, V ∝ T
) If we...

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