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Quiz 2Activity Sheet Ch 8 (20 pts)Chemistry 121 – Dr. PriceName _____________M1V1=M2V21. (2 points) Name the solute(s) and solvent in the following solutions:Solvent(s)Solute(s)a. Airb. Lemonade2. (4 point) Draw a picture and describe in detail how and why to the heights of two solutions separated by a semi permeable membrane will change, where the right side has a 1.0 M sugar and the left side has 1.0 M saline (NaCl) solution. Which side is exerting higher osmotic pressure?3. (4 points) Why and how does dissolving a non-volatile solute, such as NaCl, into water affect the freezing point and boiling point? Describe how and why. 4. (4 points) A saline solution used in an intravenous drip is 0.920% (w/v) NaCl in water. How many grams of NaCl are contained in 550.0 mL of the solution?5. (4 points) In complete sentences with correct numbers and laboratory tools (volumetric flask, graduated cylinder, etc), describe the steps to prepare 100.00 mL of 2.00 M H2SO4 from a concentrated 5.00 M H2SO4 solution.6. (1 point) Balance the following reaction:____CaCO3(s) + ____HCl(aq) → ____H2O(l) +____CO2(g) + ____CaCl2(aq)7. (3 points) Stomach acid is essentially 0.100 M HCl. An active ingredient found in antacids such as Alka Seltzer is calcium carbonate, CaCO3. Calculate the grams of CaCO3 needed to react exactly with 80.0 mL of stomach acid. (Hint: use your balanced equation above).
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Ans1 a) In air the solute is oxygen, ca
on dioxide and solvent is nitrogen
) In lemonade sugar an
d lemon juice are the solute and water is the solvent
Ans 2
The left side which contains 1.0 M NaCl exerts more osmotic pressure as it can dissociate into two ions sodium ion and chloride ion after dissolving in water. However, the molecule of sugar cannot
eak into ions. As osmotic pressure is a colligative property which depends on the number of solute particles so as the number of ions in NaCl increases its osmotic pressure...

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