Reaction Paper Instructions :</o:p> Prepare a 2 to 3 page (content) reaction paper in which they will “react” to the following topic: Note – The cover page and references page are not counted...

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Reaction Paper Instructions:

Prepare a 2 to 3 page (content) reaction paper in which they will “react” to the following topic: Note – The cover page and references page are not counted towards the required 2 to 3 pages of content.

You must use at least two scholarly, academic sources for your reaction paper.

What are some of the principle challenges involved in the social control of white collar crime, and what can society do to control white collar crime?

Prepare your reaction paper in APA style.

Your reaction paper should include:

1. What you learned from your research about the challenges presented to our society by white collar crime.

2. Discuss approaches that society can take to control white collar crime. In other words what can our society do to convince people that white collar crime is criminal behavior, and that it affects all of us.

3. Your reaction to the information you learned about these challenges and ways society can control white collar crime.

Your paper will be graded on #1, #2, and #3 above.
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Running Head: REACTION PAPER                                1
REACTION PAPER                                        2
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Challenges Presented to our Society    3
Controlling White-Collar Crime    4
My Reaction    4
References    6
The crimes, which persist in the society in the form of non-violence but create a huge impact on the national and social economy, are known as the White-Collar Crime. Such crimes include
ibery, healthcare frauds, public co
uption, tax related frauds, and money laundering.
There are several challenges in the process of controlling white-collar crimes, which will be discussed below. Such crime not only effects the financial state of the Nation, but it also effects the economy of the society. The society can play a major role in controlling such white-collar crimes.
Challenges Presented to our Society
There are several challenges presented to our society by white-collar crime. The challenges possess a threat to the employees through unsafe working environment, affects the consumers with the supply of dangerous products, cause economic crisis through illegal tax retention, and community pollution through several co
uptive measures. As mentioned by Burns and Meitl (2019), the technological advancements, the enhanced opportunities, and the globalization are the main contributing factors of the evolution of white-collar crime in the society.
It creates a negative impact on the society as there are no signs of crime scene in the act, but the economic condition is deteriorated through the criminal acts performed. It creates more nuisance than the road crimes as road crimes can be properly investigated with proofs and the criminals can be punished, but in the case of white-collar crimes, the investigation and prosecution is a highly difficult task to...

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