research paper on uluru/ ayers rock in australia, post colonial intrusion on indigenous landtourism/colonization/history of the aboriginal peoople and the land TOPIC: Select a topic from the list...

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research paper on uluru/ ayers rock in australia, post colonial intrusion on indigenous landtourism/colonization/history of the aboriginal peoople and the land

TOPIC:Select a topic from the list posted in the Assignments section of Beachboard, or discuss a potential topic not listed with me. Once I give my approval, your name and topic will be posted, and a presentation schedule will be posted and reviewed in class once all students have an assigned topic.

SUMMARY AND SOURCES: Once your topic is approved, you will write up an outline of what you intend to focus on in your paper and presentation. Let the points listed below guide you in drawing this up.

You must include at least three peer reviewed sources. If you use additional sources (and I encourage you to do so), please note that no more than 10 percent of information used in your paper can come from Websites.

Sources must be turned in to me by approved by me per dates that will be announced in class. These must follow the bibliographic format for Chicago (which will be covered in class), and turned in to me on paper. These, with my comments, must latter be submitted with your final paper.

WRITTEN COMPONENT: You will produce an 8-10 page paper.

You must have at least three peer reviewed sources for your paper. Remember, no more than 10 percent (1 page) of the information can be taken from Webpages.

Depending on your topic, you will emphasize different things in your paper and oral presentation (see below). At minimum, you must include:

I: Introduction: What are you discussing? Why does it matter?

a: Spatial: Locate the population geographically, with a map.

b: Demographics: How large is the population? What language(s) do they speak?

c: Temporal: Provide a time frame for the situation you are discussing and the historical context for what you are discussing (e.g., Boas studied them. They were a French colony in the 17th century but gained independence in 1985).

II.Literature Search: For the paper, you should include a basic literature search regarding the points you make. For example, if you are discussing that Mesoamericans think mass produced tortillas from the tortilleria (tortilla factory) taste worse than tortillas made by hand, give the evidence you have found in the literature for this:

e.g., Pilcher XXXXXXXXXXwrites in Que Vivan Los Tamales that even though the opening of molinos (grain mills) and tortillerias freed up women’s time to do other activities, most Mexicans think these tortillas taste like sandpaper. Similarly, Howell XXXXXXXXXXwrites that the Oaxacans she knows would “rather starve” than eat them. She quotes her compadre Paco as saying, “I wouldn’t feed that garbage to my dog” (p XXXXXXXXXXIn fact, Mexicans love handmade tortillas so much that whereas a kilo of tortillas (approximately 16 tortillas) from a tortilleria costs 9.5 pesos in January 2010, a tortillera (woman who sells tortillas) can charge one peso for just one tortilla (Gutierrez 2011:3-4).

Although other writers including Sudoku XXXXXXXXXXstate stress the love of handmade tortillas is a fallacy because more Mexicans eat mass produced tortillas than handmade, a majority of researchers insist that if cost were not a factor, more Mexicans would eat handmade tortillas (Doe 1997; Jones 2005; Lara 2010; Smith 2011; Zaragoza 1950).

In text citations and bibliographies follow the Chicago style guide. I will go over this in class.

III:Data: Provide data pertinent to the topic you are discussing.

IV: Interpretation: How does the information you’ve found relate to other issues we are discussing in class? Here you go into your class notes and assigned readings. For example:

These issues are important because:

  1. we’ve read that women’s household roles are changing with new technology and paid employment, and they use more appliances today

  2. as we’ve read, scholars believe that with migration…

  3. the cost of food is a recurring issue in the ethnographies we have read about Oceania…

V: Conclusion: Include a summarizing paragraph that includes, at minimum, a statement such as “In terms of cultural continuity or change, this is what my research into this topic suggests…” Recap your main points.

For example, in this case you might write…

“We have discussed in class that the transition from handmade to mass-produced food has resulted in an increase in nutrition related diseases, such as high blood pressure (too much salt) and diabetes (overconsumption of sugar). The sources I found suggest that it must be cost that leads to people purchasing mass produced foods, because most people prefer the taste of handmade foods that take longer to prepare.”

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Topic of my research are the mighty rocks of Uluru, also called the Ayers Rock. It is one of largest rock of sandstone which is present in the country of Australia. Specially, it is...

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