Research proposal 2 Description Marks out of Weighting Due date Assignment 3 Report 100 25% 25 May 2012 Further on your previous work, now you are required to write a research paper to address how two...

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Research proposal 2
DescriptionMarks out ofWeightingDue date
Assignment 3 Report10025%25 May 2012
Further on your previous work, now you are required to write a research paper to address how two selected organizations to get their business gains by adopting new networking technologies or/and management improvements which you recommend for them.
You can organize your research paper in the following format:
  • Title (you are required to decide your paper’s title)
  • Your name and student number
  • Abstract (about 100 words)
  • Introduction
  • Body context (you could divide into several sub-sections if required)
  • Conclusion
  • References.
The word-count limit for this paper is set at about 3000 words (including diagrams and references).
For that I chose Intellicon as a small organization and Tata telecom as big organization.
For this organization you have to do some assumption.
Also I send you my previous assi. So you know which assumption you have to make.
You requires you to find the improvements or new changes for two selected organisations so that they can expect the business gains from these improvements or new changes.
Here is an example for you. If you find one organisation where there is no wireless LAN, you can have a new change for adding the wireless LAN for that organisation to increase the mobility and accessibility for all employees and customers. Then further on this new change, you will need to justify why the WLAN is needed and how this WLAN can help the organosiation to get its business gains, like possible productivity increase, customers' satisfaction etc. Assume your report would be presented to the CEO of that organisation and could convince the management that the new change or improvement on the existing network would help the organisation to have their business gains after considering the cost of WLAN.
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Need of WLAN at Intellicon
The use of internet and related technologies has offered much convenience and benefits to the
usinesses and has contributed a great deal in the success. WLAN is technology which enables
user to access internet without any help of wires and people can enjoy this on the move.
Intellicon is an organization which is deprived of this technology and the need for the same is
felt for long. This paper aims to explain the advantages of WLAN in details and how it can
change the course of business for Intellicon. There are a number of benefits it ca
ies and prove
to be very useful for the company.
Internet has come a long way to change the way communication used to be. It has made the
whole world a “global village” where people so closely communicate each other that the
distance does not matter at all. The businesses are greatly benefitted with the advent of internet
technologies as it has made it possible to conduct businesses across the globe sitting in a
particular country. Today, internet is so mingled with our lives that we cannot imagine our lives
without it. If we are deprived of such technologies, we will be way backward.
Intellicon is a company which deals with manufacturing of EPABX. It also makes visual
communication, it caters to different segments for example SOHO, hospitality, corporate, call
centers, institutes and government offering need based solutions. It has also mastered designed
and implementation of networking solutions for multi-location environments such as police,
defense, financial institutes etc.
The company deals with equipments related to internet technology but when it comes to use the
technology they are not using it efficiently at their work place especially WLAN. WLAN has
emerged as one of the most beneficial internet tools which has a number of benefits.
Deployment of the technology is not that costly but it pays a great deal. In this cut throat
competition organizations seek every chance to have competitive advantage over others. WLAN
can play a pivotal role in the success of an organization and will help in maintaining competitive
advantage over the competitor which is requisite for the very survival of the organization.
WLAN is a cu
ent edge technology which has redefined communication and its usage. There
are a number of benefits associated with it, some of them are as follows:
This is the greatest benefit for the businesses. WLAN can help in increased productivity.
Intellicon deals with such products where the employees perform a great deal of their work over
internet. The introduction of WLAN will ensure that all the communications are made quickly and
the employees are able to work on move. Once the employees are not at their respective seats,
they may not be engaged in the productive activities and they will start giving productivity if they
are on their seats. However, it is not possible for them to be seated all the time; there might be
other works which may require internal movements and in that case their work should not suffer.
If the company will have WLAN at the workplaces, the employees will be hooked on to internet
on their hand-held devices wherever they go. This way they will be able to open any
communication or reply to any messages on the move and they can perform multifarious tasks
at the same time. For example, if an employee looks after customer care and he/she is not
available at seat, even then he/she can make sure that the query of the customer does not go
unanswered. They would be able to answer more queries than in absence of WLAN. Also, the
employees would take greater interest for a technology which increases their efficiency and
enables them to work on the move and on fingertips.( Bednzrs, A., 2002).
Customer Satisfaction
In this competitive world, customer satisfaction is a key element to retain the existing customers
as well as acquire new customers. The customers are considered to be gods for the businesses
as they are the ones who let the businesses get going. The introduction of WLAN at Intellicon
will help in satisfying the customers a great deal. The employees will be able to solve their
problem right away and answer their queries even they are on the move. The problem occurs
when a company gets their products sold but deviates from after sales services. You can sell
the products and earn short term profit but you will lose in the long run. Those dissatisfied
customers would never come back if they experience a worse after sales service rather they will
move to the company which offers great after sales services. Once the sales is done, your job is
not done and you will have to help out the customers every way possible so that they can enjoy
upted use of your product. Today, a tangible product when gets clu
ed with service,
ecomes a complete package. Without the service, the product has very less worth and there
will be no takers for such products. If it is pure service, the great service is the only thing that
can keep the customers satisfied.( Cook, M., 1996).
Employees are the real assets for the company like Intellicon where service matters a great
deal. The employees should be efficient so that they can work efficiently to offer great services
to the customers. The efficiency will improve the productivity as well to a great extent. WLAN
enables employees to access interne on the move within the organization. So, wherever the
employees go they will be able to access...

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