School Database Extra CreditYou have a database that contains information about a local high school.The database contains the following tables:Teachers(information about each)Students( information...

School Database Extra Credit

You have a database that contains information about a local high school.

The database contains the following tables:

Teachers(information about each)

Students( information about each with contact information)

Courses taught

in the school(those available for students with course information)


for the current year(year offered, times, teachers, and enrollees)

For the sake of simplicity each class has only 1 teacher assigned. A student can sign up for 4 or more classes.

1. Decide what fields can be established for each table along with their prperties. Establish a primary key for each table and determine what foreign keys exist.

2. Determine the relationships between the tables and determine what kind of relationships would exist.

3. Decide what questions you might want to ask about the data- wht queries would you set up, including any advanced queries you might need. Discuss who would use each query.

4. Describe the reports that might be needed for this database. How often will they be run?

There is no need to actually develop a database, just prepare the descriptions, etc. in a written document.

Dec 10, 2022

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