Select, research, and analyze a real organization (public, private, or non-profit). You may select an organization in which you have worked or have been a member. Examine a problem or issue of...

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Select, research, and analyze a real organization (public, private, or non-profit). You may select an organization in which you have worked or have been a member.</o:p>


Examine a problem or issue of concern within that organization. Be selective in choosing an issue or problem within an organization, as a lack of depth in the issue itself will not be an acceptable excuse for lack of depth in the analysis. The purpose of this CLA is to apply both what has been learned in the course as well as your own independent research to problems in an organization of your choice.</o:p>


Focus on an issue or problem that the organization is facing and is relevant to the content of this course. It will likely take several reflection sessions to identify a problem or issue that can be clearly defined, is manageable in scope, and is relevant to the course, so start this CLA weeks before it is due.</o:p>


Gather information while supplementing this information with data from the media, the organization's literature, and other secondary sources. You should identify a relatively recent problem to analyze (i.e., this should not be an historical account of a problem and the company's solution). You should focus your analysis by applying the concepts from the course. While it is acceptable to incorporate several concepts from the course, please aim for depth rather than breadth regarding the use of course concepts.</o:p>


To meet these broad goals, answer the following questions in a 4 to 6 page APA 7 formatted written report supported by at least three (3) academic sources:</o:p>


1) What are the issues or problems facing the organization?</o:p>

2) What theoretical concepts from this course can be applied to understand why this problem is occurring?</o:p>

3) What recommendations can you offer to help improve organizational functioning?</o:p>

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Answer To: Select, research, and analyze a real organization (public, private, or non-profit). You may select...

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Issue of Concern & Management         2
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Sustainability Issues in Coca-Cola    3
Theoretical Context of Sustainability Mana
gement    4
Relevant Means to Address the Sustainability Issues    5
Conclusion    5
References    7
Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable
ands in the global market and has generally excelled in business over its long history. However, in recent years the company has been facing certain management issues and ethical issues that have been associated with its proliferation issues in recent time. The investors are losing face in the company which was first clear when Wa
en Buffet resigned from the board over the company's failure to overcome the challenges. With the advent of sustainability issues and global concerns, most companies are significantly addressing environmental issues. Hence, sustainability aspects are one of the rising concerns and issues of the organization. The major aspects of the sustainability issues and the probable measures taken by the company will be elaboratively described in this particular discussion.
Sustainability Issues in Coca-Cola
The company 2021 had been sued for deceptive sustainability claims. In June 2021 the company faced severe complaints in terms of its sustainability efforts despite being one of the largest contributors to plastic pollution in the world. In the most prominent aspect, Coca-Cola was found to be deceiving the public by marketing itself as sustainable and environmentally friendly while polluting the environment more than any other beverage company. It has developed several advertisements which are committed to reducing plastic waste but the amount of waste contributed because of using the product has been piling up in recent times (Brondoni,2019). It has been contemplated that Coca-Cola is the world's leading plastic waste producer that generates more than 2 million tons of plastic waste annually. The company has also faced issues that addressed its sustainability statements across a range of media that relates to the corporate report and the statements.
The company uses petroleum-based plastic that is relevant only for single-use bottles that are clogging oceans among other problems. It has also been contemplated as the world's worst plastic polluter that has been contemplated for 4 years in a row. There were also issues regarding the...

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