Strategic Communications Plan Outline Instructions The outline below asks you a series of questions that will help you write your communication proposal due in Week 8. Answering these questions...

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Strategic Communications Plan Outline


The outline below asks you a series of questions that will help you write your communication proposal due in Week 8. Answering these questions thoroughly will give you an outline to use to write your proposal.

Step 1

Select a topic for your informative or persuasive strategic communications plan from the options below:

  • Internal Promotion
  • New Job Opportunity Interview
  • Pitching a Project Idea
  • Mini TED Talk
  • Topic of Your Choice Approved by Your Professor
Step 2

All options above must include the following in your plan, as detailed in theOutline Template [DOCX]:

  1. Challenge or Opportunity (Focus):
    • What is your challenge or opportunity?
    • Why does your business/idea need to exist? What problem does it solve for your job, customers, or audience?
    • Why is this professionally important or relevant to you?
  2. Goal (Focus):
    • What goals or outcomes do you want to achieve with this communication?
    • Explain why the goal is clear, concise, and actionable.
  3. Audience Analysis:
    • Who is your target audience?
      • What demographic characteristics will the audience/customer comprise?
      • What is your relationship to the audience/customer?
      • What background knowledge and expertise does the audience/customer have?
        • What does the audience/customer know, feel about, and expect concerning this communication?
        • What preconceptions or biases do you possess that might prevent you from building rapport with your audience/customer?
        • Who are your competitors and who will your audience/customer also consider?
      • What information is available about your audience/customer?
        • What research or sources will you use to obtain information about the audience/customer?
        • What conclusions have you been able to draw about the audience/customer?
      • What tone will you use to convey your message?
        • Is the setting casual or formal?
        • Key Message:
          • What is the primary message you must convey to your audience?
            • Is the message compelling and memorable? Why?
            • Is the message clear and concise? Why?
            • Is the message aligned with your audience's goals and needs? How?
        • Style and Channel Selection:
          • What communication style will you employ tell (inform), sell (persuade), consult (gather information or learn from your audience), or join (collaborate with members of the audience) and why?
          • What channels will you use to deliver your message, and why will they be the most effective?
          • What purpose is served by each style and channel you have selected?
        • Supporting Points and Sources:
          • What three or four points, reasons, or justifications support your message?
            • What stories, data, and visuals will you use to make your points?
              • What research or sources will you use to obtain facts and data about your message?
              • What five sources will you use to back up your ideas?
          • Action Request:
            • What actions are taken as part of the solution?
            • What positive outcomes are the result of the action?
            • Is the action request you are making to your audience clear, concise, and easily actionable? Why?
            • Note:

              • You may create and establish all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment. The scenario is yours to explain
              • you can use an internet search engine (like Google) to find contemporary credible, relevant, and appropriate trade publications or magazines and informative articles on your topic.
            • The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

              • Create a written strategic communications plan for a challenge or opportunity.
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Answer To : Strategic Communications Plan Outline Instructions The outline below asks you a series of questions...

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Communication Proposal
Communication Proposal
Internal Promotions
In this fast-paced competitive world, where disruptions are taking place at much greater speed any company will depend on its employee to move forward. Hence, building a strong intellectual workforce is imperative to su
rvive and thrive in future. One of powerful ways to motivate and inspire the employees is through Internal promotions. This can enhance the performance and encourage to deliver excellence on the ground. By the virtue of this assignment, I have selected one of the very poignant topics of Internal Promotion. Essentially, promotion implies the elevation of the given role with new assignments and tasks incorporate along with supervision of another task. It can be outcome of the recognition of past performance of the employees or comprehending the potential for future.
Challenges or Opportunity
One of the biggest challenges faced while implementing internal promotion is the biases of few people managers who perhaps cu
the top-performers because of their own insecurity. People managers can misuse the power and curtail the promotion of a hard-working or passionate team member. Hence, there is necessity to scrutinize the decisions made these managers to ensure no talent employees witness biases. As per the research conducted by Gallup, one of the primary reasons of high attrition faced by the companies is poor leadership displayed by the managers. As reflected in the study, "People don’t leave companies they leave managers". Therefore, stopping talent from growing in the company in the form of internal promotion is a primary reason that urges high-potential to look out for other opportunities in the market. External hiring is always more expensive for the company than identifying and promoting the internal talent.
Importance of Internal Promotion
It is professionally crucial to comprehend the reason why internal promotions aren’t strategically implemented in the organisation. I aspire to grow in my professional career hence it is important to understand what are the key competencies to be eligible for internal promotions. Therefore, internal promotion has deeper relevance in my professional journey and my pursuit to become an asset for any organisation I am associated with.
Goal (Focus)
By the virtue of this assignment is to comprehend key traits which are required in order to become eligible for promotion. Although there can be various incidents of professional bullies and biases however, understanding how develop mental toughness such that internal promotion is provided based on performance-based culture.
Audience Analysis
Target Audience- Well, the target audience for my report is anyone who aspires to grow in their professional career and develop strong professional personality. Therefore, this communication proposal targets the youth who loves to work and earn their living.
Demographics of the audience will be based on whether the individual is working/service or...

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