1984 by George Orwell Study Guide Book One: Chapters I, II, III 1. Describe the main character. 2. What is the setting of the novel? Give the country and the city. 3. What are the three slogans of the...

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1984 by George OrwellStudy Guide
Book One: Chapters I, II, III
1. Describe the main character.
2. What is the setting of the novel? Give the country and the city.
3. What are the three slogans of the Party? Write them the way they are shown in the novel.
4. What does the caption on the posters say?
5. Name each of the Ministries and explain its function. Also include the Newspeak name for each.
6. What date does the main character record?
7. Describe the two people the main character sees just before the Two Minutes Hate. Tell what he thinks of each of these people.
8. Describe Emmanuel Goldstein and explain his importance.
9. Describe Big Brother and explain his importance.
10. What crime does the main character commit? How does he do this? What is the punishment?
11. What is the telescreen and how is it used?
12. Describe thoughtcrime and give an example.
Book One: Chapters IV, V, VI
1. What happens to the rewritten news articles after Winston puts them into the pneumatic tube? Why is this significant?
2. Winston thinks that what he is does is not forgery. What does he think it is?
3. What is Winston’s greatest pleasure in his life, and why is it so?
4. Describe the aim of Newspeak and how it works.
5. What is Syme’s observation about Winston’s appreciation of Newspeak?
6. Winston is at lunch when the message on the telescreen relates the good news about increases in production, including that the chocolate ration has been raised to twenty grams a week. What is Winston thinking as he hears this message?
7. What is facecrime? Give an example.
8. Who is looking at Winston during lunch? How does this affect him?
9. What is the aim of the Party with regard to male-female relationships and sex?
10. What is the Party’s policy on marriage, divorce, and children?
Book One: Chapters VII, VIII
1. Where does Winston think hope lies? Why?
2. What is the Party belief about the proles?
3. Describe the one time that Winston held real evidence of an act of falsification.
4. What bothers Winston the most, along with the sense of nightmare?
5. What bothers Winston more than the thought that he might be a lunatic?
6. What is the heresy of heresies? Why is that terrifying to Winston?
7. For whom does Winston realize he is writing his diary? Why?
8. What is the final, most essential command of the Party?
9. What does Winston write in his diary?
10. Describe what happens when Winston goes to the antique shop, and who he sees when he comes out.
Book One QUIZ!
Book Two: Chapters I, II, III, IV
1. Describe what happens when the girl with the dark hair falls on the floor.
2. What does the note say?
3. How does Winston feel about the message on the note?
4. Describe their next meeting.
5. Describe their meeting in Victory Square.
6. What emotions does Winston feel at first when the girl put her arms around him? What emotion didn’t he feel?
7. What is the girl’s name?
8. Winston asks the girl what attracted her to him. What is her answer?
9. What does the girl tell Winston about her attitude toward the party?
10. Summarize Julia’s explanation of the meaning of the Party’s sexual puritanism.
11. According to Winston, how has the Party used the instinct of parenthood?
12. What does Winston do the next time he visits the little shop? Why?
13. What does Julia bring to their meeting?
14. How does Winston react when he sees the rat?
Book Two: Chapters V, VI, VII, VIII
1. Who has vanished?
2. How has Winston changed since he started coming to the little room with Julia?
3. What do Winston and Julia realize about their relationship?
4. What does Winston realize from talking to Julia about things he remembers?
5. Describe the meeting between Winston and O’Brien.
6. What does Winston think this meeting means?
7. What does Winston tell Julia the real betrayal will be when they are caught?
8. How does Winston say they can beat the Party?
9. Describe the meeting between O’Brien, Julia, and Winston at O’Brien’s apartment.
10. What does O’Brien know that surprises Winston?
Book Two: Chapters IX, X
1. Why is Winston working such long hours?
2. According to The Book, what is the aim of modern warfare (in accordance with the principles of doublethink)?
3. According to The Book, what is really going on with the war, and why?
4. While Winston is reading Chapter 1 of The Book, he stops for a minute. Why does he stop reading?
5. How is the current government different from any previous governments? What invention enables it to be like this?
6. Explain the organization of the Party.
7. Explain the concept of doublethink.
8. What is the one thing that Winston and Julia know they will never do together?
9. While Winston and Julia are in the room, he says, “We are the dead,” and Julia repeats the phrase. What happens next?
10. What does Winston discover about Mr. Charrington?
Book Two QUIZ!
Book Three: Chapters I, II
1. Where is Winston as this section of the novel opens?
2. What is Winston Smith’s number?
3. Who is brought into the cell with Winston and why does he think he is there?
4. Who is brought into the cell next and why? Who denounced him? How does he feel about the arrest?
5. What is the number of the room where the guards take some of the prisoners? How do many of them react to this?
6. Who comes into the room next? What does Winston discover about this person?
7. Describe what is happening to Winston in Three: II, and who is doing this.
8. What does O’Brien tell Winston about Big Brother, the Party, and the Brotherhood?
9. What is the last question that Winston asks O’Brien in Three: II? What is O’Brien’s answer?
10. Does Winston betray Julia in either of these chapters?
Book Three: Chapters III, IV, V, VI
1. According to O’Brien, what are the three stages of Winston’s reintegration?
2. What does Winston find out about the Book?
3. Winston learns why the Party seeks power. What is the reason?
4. How has Winston changed physically during his imprisonment? What does he do after he sees himself in the mirror?
5. What is Winston’s answer when O’Brien asks, “Can you think of a single degradation that has not happened to you?” How does O’Brien respond?
6. While Winston is exercising himself in Crimestop, he calls out, “Julia1 Julia! Julia, my love! Julia!” What does this show about him? What happens to him as a result? Include his conversation in the room with O’Brien.
7. According to O’Brien, what is in Room 101 in general? What is this for Winston in particular?
8. Describe the scene with the cage. Tell what is in the cage. Tell the outcome of the scene.
9. Describe what happens when Winston and Julia meet after they have been released. Include the verse that Winston hears.
10. What is Winston thinking at the end of the novel?
Book Three QUIZ!
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Part 1:
1. Winston Smith, one of the members of the ruling party in London is a fairly intellectual thirty-nine-year-old man who dislikes totalitarian control. He hopes of a future that has the...

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