T o complete this Application Assignment, write a 4-page paper —based upon the scenario from the case study--in which you address the following information technology solution-related considerations:...

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To complete this Application Assignment, write a 4-page paper—basedupon the scenario from the case study--in which you address the following information technology solution-related considerations:
  • Howmight you evaluate the CPOE implementation process at University HealthCare System? Give at least two examples of different evaluation methodsor strategies that you might employ.
  • Howwould you respond to the board’s desire for a return on investment fromthis initiative? Do you believe that the board’s request is a reasonable one? Why or why not?
  • You have been assigned to lead the evaluation component of this project for University Health Care System. You have reviewed the leadership team’s stated goals for the project. With this in mind, what process would you use to develop a plan for assessing the value of the CPOE investment? Who would be the key players involved in this process, and what roles would they play? How would you decide on what metrics to use, and what baseline data would you want to collect or review as part of the evaluation?
  • The CEO of University Health Care System has expressed a specific concern that the CPOE implementation be adequately resourced. What resources would you identify as being essential for a successful implementation of CPOE, andwhy? How would you plan for this resourcing? Provide at least three examples of how you would plan for the implementation in terms of the business and financial needs of the organization.
Yourwritten assignments must follow APA guidelines. Be sure to support yourwork with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Pocket Guide to APA Style to ensure your in-text citations and reference list are correct.
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Computerized physician order entry or CPOE is a method of entering the data done by a
qualified medical practitioner and their procedures and instructions for the treatment of
patients under his or her care in an electronic device for references and further usage. These
orders are conveyed to everyone including the staff and respective departments over a
computer network. CPOE reduces the delay that is likely to occur in the order execution,
minimizes flaws that are related to transcriptions, implements e
or-checking for wrong tests,
and simplifies catalogue and charge posting. Order Entry is a part and in the range of the
pharmacy because it is the responsibility of the concerned pharmacist to check and get the
details of entry verified. The objective of the order signifies that the clarification procedure
will ultimately be developed and expanded by improved cooperation and association amongst
the members and departments of the health care team. It is a kind of software that helps in
managing the patient.
Features of CPOE systems
The basic features of CPOE are:
These order sets helps the physician to regulate orders across the organization, or even
give specific instructions for specific patients in accordance to the speciality of the
concerned doctor. These orders are conveyed to everyone including the staff and
espective departments over a computer network. It helps improve the time taken to
espond and avoids scheduling problems.
Decision according to patient
The CPOE lists down the details of the patients’...

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