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Reference style is APA6
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Running Head: Consumer Behaviour         1
Consumer Behaviour         9
Executive Summary
The demand for television has fallen over the years due to the increasing number of features that nowadays allows a person to watch television on mobile. However, the demand can be increased with a unique marketing technique. Selling television in Australia will require a company to consider certain aspects pertaining to the market structure. This assignment has discussed the ways how a company selling television fixates its consumer market. Then go on to bank on the aspect that will lead to rise in the interest of the consumers. Alongside the cultural aspects have also been discussed in order to gain an insight into how it provides a framework for the saleability of the product.
Table of Contents
Target Audience    3
Problem Recognition    4
Why customers buy?    4
Why customers one
and over the other?    4
Demographic factor    5
Legal Factors:    5
When do customers buy?    5
Social Factors    6
Lifestyle Factors    6
References    8
    The company is focusing on selling television in Australia and the target customers it has fixed are the people living closer to the store. The company should therefore put more signboards in the neighbourhood so that the localities become aware of the existence of the store. In addition to this, the local television stations should run the advertisements in every two minutes in the limited span of time and the local cable station is to be contacted.
Target Audience
The target audience of Annertech happens to people who are aged in between 50-80 and who take up interest in the technology trends. The lifestyle of such people happen to be driven by heavy consumption concerning digital media and TV. This means that they are engaged in local TV series.
ent level of consumer interest includes following aspects when the televisions pertaining to premium products that are sold happens to be of 55 inches. In addition to this, the interest of the customers happens to be of very good upscaling. Other than this, the customer are really fond of resolutions and have an ensuing demand for it. Therefore, Annertech will tend to provide such feature of 4K resolution.
Fixation of Interest relating to the customers
Considering the economic aspect Annertech will focus on providing EMI to the customers in order to avoid the disposable income that might otherwise exist in the hands of the people.
Political Factors: The company has had very nice trade relations that have existed in...

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