Task Summary For this assessmentyou will write a report which will answer the following questions:1. Briefly explain what your product will do.2. Describe one key user of your solution using a...

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Task Summary For this assessmentyou will write a report which will answer the following questions:1. Briefly explain what your product will do.2. Describe one key user of your solution using a persona.3. Create a list of 10 possible user stories (titles only) in alignment with the supplied case study.4. Prioritise these user stories using the MoSCoW technique.5. Use the Story Mapping technique to lay out all these stories and select those which will make up your MVP (Minimum Viable Product).6. Write a descriptive definition of what your selected MVP is and which of the options on the case study that it aligns to.7. Elaborate six of these selected user stories (MVP) using the “As a”, “I want”, “So that” technique.
ASSESSMENT 2 BRIEF Subject Code and Title MIS312 – Agile Business Analysis Assessment Case Study Individual/Group Individual Length 2000 words (+/- 10%) Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include: a) Analyse organisational requirements as they apply to agile environments. b) Apply methods of documenting, maintaining and measuring requirements to meet organisational needs c) Identify, select and validate requirements to maximise effectiveness in organisations and promote sustainable business practices. d) Communicate agile methods, processes and approaches with stakeholders in order to address organisational requirements. Submission Due by 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday end of Module 5.1. Weighting 40% Total Marks 100 marks MIS312_Assessment_2_Brief_Case Study_Module Due 5 Page 2 of 6 8. Select 4 of these user stories and elaborate further elaborate their specific acceptance criteria using the “Given - When - Then” technique.
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Beekeepers is an agricultural cooperative team of manuka honey. They are specialised teams are also known as beekeepers or apiarists. Melissa.com’s team plans to create a digital platform with agile business analysis technique where this beekeeper’s can be a member of that digital platform and they can sell their product directly to the consumer. Team Melissa has to create a business model and
a new website. The business model first part will be a Minimum Viable product (MVP). Beekeepers are the very small community they cannot afford too much away about their bees. They need to be protected and secure from the theft and damages. Manuka honey is a special golden product; however, it has to be certified the local certifying authority. Therefore, business analysis has to ensure few concerns like laboratory test and certificates of the products. Manuka honey is very popular product however to meet the global standard they have to have some test procedures. This research main aim and object will be an agile business analysis and MVP.
Body :
Minimum viable product(MVP), is analysis with sufficient structures to appeal early consumer and validate a product plan in the product development cycle. In agricultural industry like honey, MVP can help beekeepers to receive feedback as fast as possible to modify and develop the best version of it. Manuka honey is a premium product of the honey market. Minimum viable product will ensure few things like:
a. It ensures the availability of the product to the market as soon as possible.
b. It will test the all the available product with local certifying authority before committing a large market to the product.
c. Learn what need to be resort with the beekeeper’s target market and what doesn’t.
d. It will also verify the value of the product and fits it to market needs.
2. Describe one key user of your solution using a persona.
Persona in agile represent a group of people that are most likely to buy or consume the product. As we know that manuka honey has a high demand on global market for its properties and health benefits. Case study also mentioned that the buyers of the manuka honey are very sensitive customer. Consumers are ready to pay upwards $350 for a jar. To meet this specific standard beekeeper has to ensure the premium grade of it. For honey to meet this specific standard, beekeepers must have to prove the location of their hives to the certifying authority.
3. 10 possible user stories (titles only) in alignment with the supplied case study.
1. 2.Beekeeper Registration
To select the market
Information about the beekeepers
Will to get a status update.
Information about the bees
Find potential buyer
Information about the manuka field
3. 4.
Demonstrating credential
Prove the location of the hive
Validating documents
Validate document
5. 6.
Product’s Data
Customer registration
Product selection
Account setup
Customer data
Wish list
Product catalogues
Payment procedure
Pricing schedules
7. 8.Shipping Details
Order Detail
    Shipping information
Order processing
Shipping status
Calculation of TAX
Transit details
Payment gateway
Shipping data update
Remittance details
Confirmation of the shipping
9. 10.Customer feedback
Parcel tracking
Review of the product
Tracing using map
Rating for the beekeepers
4. MoSCoW technique – It’s a prioritization technique or analysis. MoSCoW designed such way it helps user to prioritise the tasks. First user needs to align the product and the customer. After that all user must agree on which task needs to prioritize. Primarily, team should have discussion how they will resolve any disagreement in this analysis. Once team has found out how to solve any issues automatically, they can create a plan how to prevent it. Since research story has been created therefore, its breakdown process is complete. Finally, before applying MoSCow, team need sort out the category and their priority. MoSCoW terms involves with:
1. Mo - Must Have – It is a non-negotiable part especially, its mandatory for the team. In this case like Beekeepers Registration, Certification and laboratory validation.
2. S – Should have – It is import role that are non-critical but add a quiet important value. In this research such Parcel tracking, Shipping Details, Product Data etc.
3. Co – Could Have – It is always good to have a part that will have less value if left out. In this scenario research can consider the...

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