Task summary:</o:p> This task requires you to assume the role of Operations Manager of CupNBake Café Company and then develop an operational plan and associated Risk Assessment for the...

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Task summary:

This task requires you to assume the role of Operations Manager of CupNBake Café Company and then develop an operational plan and associated Risk Assessment for the followings task.

Resources and equipment required to complete this assessment

§ Access to textbooks and other learning materials

§ Access to a computer with Internet and software such as Microsoft Office

§ Operational Plan template

§ CupNBake Strategic Plan

When and where do I complete this task?

This task may be done in your own time as homework

What do I need to submit?

§ Operational Plan (Part A) and Risk Assessment (Part B) - Part A and Part B are in one template for upload.

What happens if I get something wrong?

If your assessor sees that you have not completed all parts of this task completely and satisfactorily, the details of resubmission will be discussed with you directly. You will only need to redo the parts of the task that are incorrect; however, you will need to resubmit the entire assessment.


CupNBake Strategic plan XXXXXXXXXX

Executive Summary – CupNBake

Established in 2012 in Melbourne, Victoria, CupNBake was the initiative of two brothers Alan and Peter McCarthy – one a baker and one a barista.

Their dream was to establish a café with bakery linkages for a fresh and unique twist on the café arena.

They have both drawn on their lengthy experience in their specialised industries and established relationships to bring their dream to fruition.

CupNBake now has 3 primary sites; Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra – all which are flourishing.

A key objective for this Strategic Planning period is to decide and plan the future for CupNBake.


Complete the following activities:

1. Develop an Operational Plan

Review and analyse the information outlined in the CupNBake Strategic Plan.

Review the requirements needed under the OPERATIONAL OBJECTIVES by 2023.

Identify all the actions that will need to be documented in your plan so that these objectives can be achieved.

Use the template provided to write your plan.

Ensure you reference back and include the companies Overall Strategic Plan, their mission and their vision and any Core values you feel are appropriate.

Ensure that you plan is written clearly and concisely in a language suitable for a variety of staff across an organisation, is formatted in a professional manner, is grammatically correct and free from errors.


1. Complete the attached Risk Assessment Matrix in relation to the actions outlined in your Operational Plan.

Be concise and relevant in your risk assessment.

What do I need to hand in for this task?

Have I completed this?

Part A – Final Operational Plan


PART B – Risk Assessment associated to Operational Plan

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Tanmoy answered on Apr 15 2022
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Part A: Operational Plan CupNBake
    Operational Objectives
y December 2023
    Actions required
    Details of resources required to achieve actions
    Allocation to:
    Establishing the CupNBake store in Scout location for NSW South Coast
    The site which will be inspected with respect to the feasibility will be the probable property from Eden to Ulladulla area site.
    There must be a vehicle which must be hired for the purpose of inspection of the site. Further, the vehicle must book a driver and must have an inspection checklist for checking the viability of the site
    7th to 15th May 2022
    It will be allocated to Vignesh Ravi who is the operations manager of the project
    Thus, the essential KPIs will be as follows:
· They will hire a vehicle or a car which can accommodate atleast 5 inspectors for investigation of the site. This will simplify the process and easy access of the sites
· The inspection team will visit atleast 5 sites per day and evaluate on the same. The evaluation process must be transparent and there should be no discrepancy
· The inspectors will compare the sites visited and cross-check with the inspection checklist. Inspection checklist is a very crucial document to identify the risks and the potentials of the site
    The next step will be to shortlist 3-4 location which are feasible for setting stores of CupNBake site
    We need to identify the potential location which would be beneficial for the business as well match the goals of the business
    There must be a property agent hired along with the site inspection checklist
    August 2022
    Vignesh Ravi will be entirely responsible for this process
    The KPIs will be as follows:
· There will be an agent recruited for conducting the paper works as well as the inspection of the site
· Secondly, we must access the potential issues with respect to the property
    Engaging the communication with the stakeholders along with inputs for the above sites
    The plan or strategies taken must be communicated to the stakeholders
    The resources required will be the lease agreement
    August 2022
    Vignesh Ravi the operation manager and Chris Gillespie the project manager will be responsible
    · The stakeholders will be communicated through video conferencing which can be attended through Skype.
· The necessary documents related to the project and the plan of action will be submitted to the stakeholders for getting their approval
    Identifying the materials and various resources which are necessary for initiation of the business or the designing the chosen site
    It must be ensured that there is sufficient and easy availability of the resources. There must be proper optimization of time, efforts and cost
    The resources required for this operation are the finance, machinery and equipment, human resources in the form of workers and employees, the facility and subcontractors
    September 2022
    Margaret Williams is the Human Resource Manage
    · Understanding the time within which the resources will be available and are actually accessible when necessary
· Accessing the project strategies and plan with clear explanation of the various phases of work and activities
    Identifying and estimation of the staffs necessary for the new site for setting up the bakery and café
    There must be proper planning of the resources, acquisition of new resources, developing a new team and managing a team
    The resources which must be presented are the documents related to the salary structure, the candidate assessment procedure, the job profile and the organizational chart
    September 2022
    Margaret Williams, the HRM will be...

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