Task Summary You are working in a CBD 4- or 5-star hotel in the City of your campus. In my case its Adelaide, South Australia. Any one of the leading 4- or 5-star properties should be fine. Scenario...

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Task Summary

You are working in a CBD 4- or 5-star hotel in the City of your campus. In my case its Adelaide, South Australia. Any one of the leading 4- or 5-star properties should be fine.


The long-term General Manager (GM) has retired and been replaced last minute, by a senior executive

from your Tokyo sister property.


The assessment has been prescribed to develop the students’ ability to identify and evaluate factors that can affect marketing planning and business operations.

The following should assist your understanding of Assessment requirements.


You have been assigned the task of preparing a Briefing Report for your new General Manager (GM)

addressing the business’s macro environmental elements. These comprise 8 elements:

· Political & Legal

· Economic

· Social & Cultural

· Technology

· Environmental

· Competitive Analysis

· Commercial Partners

· Market & Consumer Trends.

What is a Briefing Report?

A briefing paper outlines a particular topic (in this case, the macro environmental factors for your hotel). The purpose of your report is to brief your new GM, to bring the key issues to your GM’s attention and alerting him/her as to what they need to know about the environment in which your business operates. In this case the unique characteristics of operating in your City.

A persuasive an effective briefing paper is concise, well-organized and covers the most important and

relevant facts.

Remember all reports are written for a purpose. So clearly state the purpose of your Report in the introduction. You have 8 elements to research and consider in preparing this report and you need to show you know where to go to determine this market intelligence, while being clear and succinct in your writing.

Macro environmental Factors to be addressed in this Briefing Report:

· Political & Legal – visas, taxes, government support for tourism.

· Economic – interest rates, CPI, exchange rates.

· Social & Cultural – lifestyles, cultural diversity

· Technology – new technologies affecting business marketing and operations.

· Environmental – Importance of sustainability initiatives in your city and your customers.

· Competitive Analysis – number of rooms in the CBD. Range of accommodation and new builds.

· Commercial Partners – organisations or brands that you can work with in your marketing endeavours.

· Market & Consumer Research -who is visiting your city? where are the travellers coming from? What do arrival statistics look like?

Task Instructions

Please review the Suggested Report Format presented after the marking rubrics in this Assessment

Brief. It will assist you to get started with this Assessment.

1. Your submission needs to be ‘business ready’ i.e. professional enough to hand to your GM.

2. Watch word count, be clear and succinct.

3. Consider the task from the perspective of what your GM need to know. This is normally a

process of identifying the opportunities or threats to operations within your location.

4. You have been provided with a list of suggested subscriptions, weekly academic text and a range of articles you need to read, research and interpret the key information for your GM’s better understanding of the local business environment.

5. Use headings, subheadings and diagrams, infographics and charts to support your

evidence/discussion. Cite sources and remember to interpret information you present.

6. Do not use dated information it needs to be current. You are doing an environmental analysis

for this month and this year.

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