Technical Report Assignment</o:p> Scenario: You have been asked by your boss to write a technical report on the innovation you have researched. It is to be considered a stand-alone document, not...

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Technical Report Assignment

Scenario: You have been asked by your boss to write a technical report on the innovation you have researched. It is to be considered a stand-alone document, not related to your proposal (even though it will probably be on the same topic, and you will use some of the same information). Since this report will remain within your company, this will be an informal report in memo format (so it is single-spaced). It will not require a letter of transmittal, title page, table of contents, abstract, or executive summary.

would like it to be on autonomous database, cloud computing, etc. something in that genre

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Technical Report Assignment

BCM Software
Interoffice Memorandum

To: Charles M, Project Manage
From: Roberto , Software Engineer I,
Subject: Technical Report on the Use of Online Voting using Blockchain
Date: April 11, 2022

This report is to
ief on our cu
ent innovation research on blockchain based autonomous database systems for online voting. This will also elaborate its function, utilisation ratio and the motive behind the said innovation.

In recent years, there has been an unseen uprising in election frauds and traditional elections methods including the all so ancient ballot method and have failed to satisfy both public and political authorities resulting in uprisings and government dissolutions. They aren't completely safe and artificial votes are prevalent in third world countries, where due to the lack of transparency the organisation gets away with swaying the public. (, 2022)
It also jeopardises the will of the civilians and the need for justice in that matter (Meter Christian , 2017). Adding to the unfairness, counting the votes takes far too long and is thus inefficient. The process of counting it manually also raises a few red flags. This research suggests a better more efficient method functioning on BlockChain technology to overcome all of the drawbacks associated with traditional elections. Theoretically, vote security and data integrity are guaranteed. Another need that is met in the system is voter privacy and transparency as the voter can later view his casted vote to verify his choice and see to it that it isn’t tampered with. More importantly, in a Block chain based autonomous database-based voting system, the time taken is also dramatically lesser.

Block chain technology is a decentralised, distributed ledger that tracks the provenance of digital assets on a larger scale (Hanifatunnisa, Rifa, and Budi Rahardjo, 2017). The data on Blockchain can't be changed by design thus ensuring integrity and making it a real disruptor in industries like eCommerce , IoT, Cybersecurity, and Healthcare. We’re used to analogue voting and Blockchain voting is akin to that. The concepts and procedures are the same. A citizen would need to register and confirm their citizenship in a certain jurisdiction in order to cast a digital vote. The identity and citizenship of that user might then be recorded on the block chain connected with that person's key. To vote, an individual must first obtain a ballot.
The most crucial aspect of blockchain is its ability (if granted by the organisation) to mutate election input by the user in the case of a mixup or change of mind. This also enables long term campaigns making sure that the election candidate doesn’t waver from his duties after being elected. (follow my vote,2021)
Testing the system side by side with traditional balloting will be required, even if it is done on country-level elections before it is used for state-wide elections. U.S. elections are conducted at the state level except that Congress has authority to mandate a uniform...

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