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Test ElectronicCamScannerCamScannerCamScannerCamScannerCamScannerCamScannerCamScannerCamScannerCamScannerCamScannerCamScannerCamScannerCamScannerCamScanner
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Dr Raghunandan G answered on Apr 29 2022
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1. What secondary voltage would be produced by a transformer with a 5:1 turns ratio and 45 volts applied to the primary?
a. 5 Volts
. 9 Volts
c. 45 Volts
d. 225 Volts
2. What resistance indication should be obtained when testing a functional diode with an analog multimeter?
a. Low resistance in both directions.
. High resistance in both directions.
c. High resistance in one and low resistance in the other direction.
No indication, since an analog meter generally will not turn on a diode junction.
3. What is the resonant frequency of the circuit shown in the figure?
y H
a. 159 Hz
. 1000 Hz
c. 6200 Hz
d. 7400 Hz
4. What device is often used to protect systems from very fast, momentary voltage spike?
a. Zene
c. Varisto
d. Varacto
5. Which of the following voltage levels represents a valid output high in standard TTL
a. 0.4 V
. 0.8 V
c. 2.0 V
d. 2.4 V
6. What symptom would be observed if the feedback resistor on a non-inverting op-amp circuit opens?
a. No observable symptom.
. Reduced output.
c. Output only at positive and negative saturation.
d. An overheated op-amp IC.
7. What is the frequency of a signal which has a cycle time of 100 microseconds?
a. 10 kHz
. 100 kHz
c. 1000 kHz
d. 10 MHz
8. Generally, an ammeter’s impedance is
a. High
. Moderate
c. Low
d. Not important in measuring cu
9. Which components are most likely to be damaged by static discharge?
a. Bipolar transistors
. TTL ICs.
c. MOS ICs.
d. Fuses
10. If a digital output being monitored with a logic probe produces an indication with the probe’s HI LED on and the PULSE LED on or flashing, how would the signal be described?
a. Constant High
. Constant Low
c. High with low pulses
d. Low with high pulses
11. Refer to the figure. The output voltage will be
a. Vz + 0.7 V
. Vz    0.7 V
d.    Vin    Vz
12. What indication should be seen on the master clock line of a microprocessor system?
a. High
. Low
c. Pulsing
d. Tristate
13. Precise adjustment of the oscilloscope’s triggering level control isn’t required when using the
a. Automatic mode
. Manual mode
c. Internal mode
d. External mode
14. What resistance should be measured between the emitter and collector of a functioning bipolar transistor?
    a. Resistance depends on type of transistor.
. Resistance depends on meter polarity.
c. Relatively low.
d. Relatively high.
15. An ohmmeter test across the anode-cathode (with the gate unconnected) of an out-of-circuit SCR shows low resistance in one direction. What would you conclude about the SCR?
a. It is defective, probably shorted.
. It is defective, probably open.
c. It is a good component.
d. No conclusions until a power test is performed.
16. The device shown in the figure will conduct
    a. As long as the gate voltage is below the threshold.
    b. When the gate is positive with respect to the source.
    c. When the base is forward biased.
    d. When the gate is negative with respect to the source.
17. Which connection of a DC voltage source to a diode provides forward bias?
    a. Negative to anode and positive to cathode.
    b. Positive to anode and negative to cathode.
    c. Negative to anode and cathode.
    d. Positive to anode and cathode.
18. Which AC voltage measurement is generally provided by hand, held, inexpensive,
service quality digital multimeters?
    a. Peak
    b. Peak to peak
    c. RMS (effective)
    d. True average
19. The input impedance of an oscilloscope is generally
    a. Very low
    b. Very high
    c. Adjustable with the triggering source control.
    d. Adjustable with the triggering level control
20. If the vertical amplifier’s Volts/Division control is set at a 1 Volt/Division and the x10
probe is used, how much voltage is represented by one division?
a. 0.1 Volt
. 1.0 Volt
C.    f0    'V’Olt
d.    100 Volt
21. What is the impedance of the circuit in the figure?
a. 159 G
.    1000 G
c.    6200 G
d.    7400 G
22. What kind of circuit produces a high output only when all inputs are low?
a. AND
. OR
d. NOR
23. The compensation adjustment of an oscilloscope probe is usually performed when
displaying a
a. Random Noise Signal
. White Noise Signal
c. Sine Wave
d. Square Wave
24. How much voltage is dropped across a 10 kG resistor that is in series with a 20 kG...

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