that company will be researched in terms of its service,includingservice environment, employees, customers, policies and processes.' the 10 pages case must be written in APA format.double spaced,...

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that company will be researched in terms of its service,includingservice environment, employees, customers, policies and processes.'

the 10 pages case must be written in APA format.double spaced, size 12, font times new roman
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An Insight into Google
Google Company is established by two students of Stanford University, La
y Page, and Sergey Brin in the year 1995. Initially they have created a search engine and named it as Backrub which is mainly used to evaluate the value and importance of the individual webpages. Google is something which gives immense volume of information that exists for one search. Google Inc. was officially incorporated on Sep-4-1998 with an intention to let visitors to access its home page. By the end of the year, Google has attracted a lot of users due to easy access and search performance than its competitors. Search engine became popular day by day due to its simple layout. With greater revenue flowing in Google introduced a lot more products which are applicable to users in day to day life. Google products provided users with more advantage and users with minimal knowledge on technology started using Google products more efficiently. For many years Google has been in the top list for its search engine, social networking, providing new innovative in technology with excellent advertising mechanism. Not only in this Google management has exposed a creative and an innovative leadership skill by always been in the top spot for its employee as well as customer satisfaction. Google provides services such as Advertising, Communication tools, searching tools, Mapping, publishing and statistical tools, Operating systems, mobile applications and services.
Nexus is also one of the Hardware products of Google where Samsung used for its mobile phones. Some of the smartphones manufacturing companies now wanted to make use of this Nexus because the pilot test of the same was really impressive.
Terms of Service:
Terms of Service is something what a certain contracts between the company and customer covers. Google has clearly laid down the Terms of Service which are easily understandable by the customer and hence creating greater transparency to the customers. It is very important for any company to lay down the ‘service terms’ to its customers to avoid any legal litigation in the future. In fact Google makes its customers very clear about its policies. Framing such policies in the terms of service will combat company from any legality if any customer violates the service terms. These are some of the sample terms of service which Google cu
ently has
“a. Google does not allow misusing the services and products offered by the company; b. Google Company does not give users the ownership of any kind in their intellectual property rights for the services provided or the data accessed by the users. For all the services and application provided by Google, the company owns the sole proprietary. c. Google is mainly based on content management and search engine. So it is natural to display content that is not part or owned by Google. For such content, the complete responsibility holds in the hands of the entity that provided such information. Still Google reviews the contents and validates to determine whether it is illegal or violates the company policies, and may remove or refuse to display content that it reasonably believes to violate the company policies or the law. But that does not mention that it evaluates the content for flaws”. Terms of service are placed to protect company’s Copyrights, Privacy and the contents of the service. Sometimes legal action is taken against users who misuse the service offered by Google.
Service Environment:
Service environment creation is a big challenging task and it is an integral part of any company. Google has created a strong service environment so that it is ready to adapt any challenges. The service environment is a continuous process which is always thought provoking, rewarding, and challenging. Till date the company has
aced up for many technological changes and that is the main reason why Google is still a great service provider. It is an integral part of every company, from invention to development, from policy to its practice and from recruitment to retention. This service environment is a part of company’s strategic planning, it always looks at the individuals and not as a stereotypes’ or as groups. Google provides accessible service environment with main focus on increasing confidentiality of employees, recognizing unique talent in the employees and treat all employees and customers of Google with due respect and dignity. Enhancement of employee experience and expertise by allowing them to show cast their talent and skill in a unique service environment helps Google to enrich and be successful in all the products and services offered. World-Class service environment is...

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