The essay question is: Discuss how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have impacted upon business,society and culture since the invention of the Internetand the role of computer...

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The essay question is:

Discuss how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have impacted upon business,society and culture since the invention of the Internetand the role of computer professionals in ensuring their ethical use in the future.

ISY10212: Contemporary Issues

Task 2: Essay

You are required to produce your own essay in response to a specified essay question.

The essay question will be presented in week 4 of Session.

The essay question will be about the impact of computers and information technology, including ethical implications.

Assessment Criteria for the Essay

This essay is worth 35 marks for the unit.

The criteria used to assess the essay are:

6 marks = Research

• Evidence of appropriate breadth and depth of research for the question

• Relationship and relevance of articles to the question

• Appropriate referencing of articles.

22 marks = Content and Analysis

• Clear and appropriate understanding of the question

• Critical discussion of the question

• Logical argument demonstrated through referenced articles.

7 marks = Clarity

• Suitable structure and organisation

• Clarity of writing style for readability

• Appropriate expression, grammar and spelling.

Submission Guidelines

Always keep a copy of your work!

Your essay should include, but not be limited by the following elements:

1. Academic referencing protocols are required.

2. Use headings if appropriate.

5. Number your pages, and have the unit code (ISY10212) and your name (or Student Identification Number) on the footer of each page.

6. For electronic submissions ensure that the file is .doc and titled as: ISY10212_essay_[studentNameHere].doc.

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Answer To: The essay question is: Discuss how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have impacted...

Vignesh answered on Aug 15 2020
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We are here in the era of the internet which has swollen the entire world and somewhere out to space where the common man has received due to the change from 1978 to 2018. Our lives are changing from day to day because of the rapid change in the technology. We ar
e making the things to work instead of us. People who are working in the organization make other people work for them. So the economy gives a report that only the person who has some extraordinary ideas tend to grow other. People needed to find new ways to the release the product because the newer companies will take the place. Companies like blackberry, Nokia are some of the examples who last there a way in growth (Chitla, Arathi, 2012) (Communicating European Research, 2005).
The society and the people who are in the society are trying to adapt to the new technology that keeps changing day to day because people are switching to get a product or service in an easy way without any effort. Automation takes most of the jobs that were present in the late 90 disappeared like anything because of the improvement in technology. In the view of the organization, they are the predicting the movement of the people and their way of living to get the more revenue so that they use the agile model to satisfy the people. For Example, Notch design from apple. Everyone moved from one trend to another trend which may not survive in the world so these people are finding a way to take the people likes and making the money out of it (Techtarget, 2018).
From the analysis, we can see that business in the market of information and computer professional is high but the change rate of the people is very high. We are focusing on the things that are changing the environment and the technology like cloud computing, automation in the business process working remotely through communication (Lewis D, Hodge N, Gamage D, Whittaker M, 2012).
When the technology moved in the rapid phase the computing became more in the palm of even a common people. Every person needs to have a computing device due to the technology growth. There is a scarcity of employees who are into the information security because people didn’t know what kind of service will be needed at the present scenario (Ashish Joshi, Jane Meza, Sergio Costa, 2016).
Most of the people are joining on the internet to access the information and some of the people are uploading the information that might be personal to them because of this massive growth in the internet population we need to give the protection to the people against some cyber attacks. For example, people are forced to download some application in order to keep accessing the application which is he or she had installed in the phone pop up adds will show up (Mohammad Reza Ghaznavi, 2011).
This is kind of making the people do something which they don’t want to do some people on the internet where they are here to steal the information about the people and sell the data or they will use the data to make money by committing fraud transaction. Though companies are there to stop the breach from happening, people...

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