The final project for this course is an analysis report that includes visual representation of the data findings. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing analysis,...

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The final project for this course is an analysis report that includes visual representation of the data findings. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing analysis, including types of marketing analytics and how to effectively use analytics to measure the success of a digital marketing campaign. For your final project, you will apply what you learned in the course to analyze a paid social media campaign to promote a website relaunch according to the Final Project Brief.In your report, you will develop a campaign overview, determine appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs), evaluate campaign data against KPIs, and make recommendations for future campaign adjustments. The brief you will work with includes the following information: Company overview High-level marketing objective Data from the six-week campaign and the six weeks prior to the plan Data to include website metrics and social media metricsThe project is divided into three milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Two, Three, and Five. The final product will be submitted in Module Seven.In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes: MKT-410-01: Determine the impact of digital analytics on cross-departmental organizational goals for informing digital marketing strategies MKT-410-02: Construct communications to management for effectively sharing the status of deployed digital marketing campaigns MKT-410-03: Analyze marketing analytics of a digital campaign in determining how they meet campaign goals of an organization MKT-410-04: Analyze key performance indicator (KPI) data for supporting recommendations regarding future digital marketing decisions MKT-410-05: Employ appropriate ethics in the interpretation and application of digital marketing campaign analyticsPromptCongratulations! You have just been promoted to the position of digital marketing manager and have been assigned to manage a paid social media campaign on LinkedIn to promote the relaunch of a newly designed website. Your predecessor started the project, and you must now pick it up to ensure that goals are clearly established, KPIs are defined, and the data is properly analyzed and communicated to management. This is your first assignment that has leadership visibility, so you want to take this opportunity to show off your skills. Using the campaign brief, marketing objectives and data that you are provided, you willSpecifically, you must address the critical elements listed below. Most of the critical elements align with a particular course outcome (shown in brackets).I. Campaign Overview: In this section, you will provide an overview of your high-level campaign goals by defining the campaign goals and including details as to the intention of the campaign and the impact the campaign will have on various departments throughout the organization.a) Describe the intention of the current marketing campaign and explain how it supports the goals of the organization. [MKT-410-02]b) Explain the potential impacts on the organization’s bottom line based on the marketing team’s decision to invest in the campaign. [MKT-410-02]c) Describe the impact that the digital analysis of the campaign can have on various departments throughout the organization. Provide specificexamples. [MKT-410-01]II. Key Performance Indicators: In this section, you will craft a detailed description of the KPIs of the digital marketing campaign. You will select 3–5 KPIs, discuss the attributes of each metric, explain the conclusions that can be drawn from each KPI, and describe how you will use the data collected.a) Determine appropriate KPIs for measuring the campaign data and describe the attributes of each. [MKT-410-04]b) Explain the conclusions that can be drawn based on each KPI and how they can impact future campaign decisions. [MKT-410-04]c) Describe how the data collected will influence the digital marketing decisions. [MKT-410-04]III. Campaign Data Evaluation: In this section, you will analyze the data you collected for its impact on the departments you identified in Section I. You will discuss your approach to ethics in data analysis and reporting. You will analyze the metrics of the digital marketing campaign and provide specific examples through visual representation to help support your explanation of your analysis to management.a) Describe how the results of the digital marketing campaign can influence various departments throughout the organization. [MKT-410-03]b) Ethical Interpretationi. Discuss the appropriate ethics employed when extracting the campaign data. [MKT-410-05]ii. Outline the ethical approach followed in communicating the campaign analytics. [MKT-410-05]c) Metric Analysisi. Analyze the marketing data and explain if campaign goals were met. [MKT-410-03]ii. Illustrate the marketing data collected in a chart, table, or other graphic. [MKT-410-03]iii. Analyze the data for each KPI and identify which elements are most important for leadership to understand. [MKT-410-04]IV. Future Recommendations: In this section, you will discuss key findings from the campaign data and recommend future adjustments to the campaign for improving or maintaining results. Explain what additional data will need to be measured to support other key departments. You will continue your discussion about ethics and create recommendations to ensure accurate campaign reporting. Lastly, you will determine any additional KPIs and
recommend any campaign adjustments to meet future campaign goals.a) Review the Impact of Future Recommendations on Other Departmentsi. Determine how the campaign’s data will benefit other departments throughout the organization. [MKT-410-01]ii. Explain what specific additional data should be measured to support the campaign goals. [MKT-410-03] 2
b) Ensuring Future Ethical Analysisi. Describe the ethical concerns in communicating the results of a digital advertising campaign. [MKT-410-05]ii. Identify the steps that need to be taken to ensure accurate campaign reporting. [MKT-410-05]c) Analyze KPIsi. Determine additional KPIs and provide a recommendation as to the value they would add for measuring future results. Provide specific examples. [MKT-410-04]ii. Describe the KPIs and recommend campaign adjustments to meet future campaign goals. Provide specific examples. [MKT-410-04]
Guidelines for Submission: Your analysis report must be 8–10 pages in length (plus a cover page and references) and must be written in APA format. Visual datarepresentations must be included to portray the data findings. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Include at least three references cited in APA format.
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Impact of Digital Analytics on Cross Departmental Organizational Goals    4
Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Company Overview    4
Impact of digital analytics for informing digital marketing strategies    5
Construct communication for managing the digital marketing campaigns    5
How to meet the campaign goals of Netflix    6
Analyze the KPI’s for supporting the recommendations    7
Employee appropriate ethic
s    7
Campaign overview    7
Intention of the cu
ent marketing campaign    7
Potential impact of the organization    8
Impact of digital analysis on the campaign    8
KPIs    8
Campaign Data Evaluation    9
Ethics in data analysis and reporting    9
Results of digital marketing campaign can influence various departments    9
Ethics employed during extracting the campaign data    10
Metric Analysis    10
Illustration of the marketing data    11
Analyze the data for each KPI and identify the element important for the leadership    12
Future recommendations    12
How campaign data benefit other departments    12
What specific additional data should be measured for supporting the campaign goals    12
Future ethical analysis    12
Describe the ethical concerns    12
Identify the steps    13
Analyze KPIs    13
Describe the KPIs and recommend campaign adjustment for meeting future goals    13
References    14
    Due to ever-changing market conditions, it is very difficult for the departments to enhance the performance of the business. It is essential to track the performance of businesses and can be very difficult. The departments must be collaborating with other departments for understanding the cross-departmental business impact which is harder than ever, improper common language and the measurement process which results in lower productivity and shortfalls. It is the dimensional research which conducted a survey of professionals across the line of business which directed their role in business analysis. The ultimate objectives of this research are to understand the types of challenges which are faced by employees of different departments by collaborating and improving the business performances. According to a study by the Dresner Advisory Services it was observed that around 59% of the companies deployed big data analytics. Due to this there was an improvement in the data-led organizations which saw an upward trend and an improvement from 20% to 30% in the EBITDA due to unlocking the efficiencies and acquiring new business insights.
Company Overview
    In this study we will discuss on the digital marketing strategies used by Netflix. There are over 203.67 million subscribers globally present for Netflix. The company is a market leader in Over-the-Top streaming gratified platform. Hence, by using the advanced data analytics, it is Netflix which is able to provide the users various services such as tailored cinemas and TV show endorsements. This data analytics helps the viewers to get a prediction of the original contents popularity prior it greenlights. Then it is also able to personalize the content of marketing in the form of trailers and thumbnail pictures. It also helps in optimization of the production planning and increase the general technical as well as the business decision making (Mixson, 2021).
Impact of digital analytics for informing digital marketing strategies
    The impact of digital analytics on cross-departmental organizational goals for improving the digital market strategies of Netflix are by digitalizing its interactions with more than 151 million users globally on a regular basis. Further the company collects or gathers the data of the users and then evaluates it with the help of data-analytics for understanding the subscribers’ actions and their viewing patterns. Further, it leverages the information for recommendation of various movies and various TV shows which are being customized as per the taste and preferences of the customers. In Netflix there are more than 80% of the viewer’s activity which is been conducted with the help of personalized algorithmic approvals. The data analytics system of Netflix helps to collect data from several data points, by creating detailed profiles of the subscribers and helps the company to enter into a well-integrated relationship. Further, Netflix is able to collect information on the way users interact and responds on the TV shows. Further, investing in digital analytics by Netflix for enhancing its digital marketing strategies can help them to understand the customers deeply, helps them to detect the problems with respect to the products and services at an early stage, identify a better marketing strategy and find various ways to reduce the costs associated with the...

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