The following “2” questions need to be addressed and answered:</o:p> (1) Can conflicts of interest be avoided in research?</o:p> (2) Dr. Jim Wilson, of the Jesse Gelsinger case, once said...

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The following “2” questions need to be addressed and answered:

(1) Can conflicts of interest be avoided in research?

(2) Dr. Jim Wilson, of the Jesse Gelsinger case, once said that he was offended at being thought to care about the financial implications of research success. He stated that, like all academics, he was motivated by the desire to be foremost in his field: promotion, recognition and honor were far more important than money. What do you think HRPPs should make of his assertion, in attempting to manage conflicts of interest?

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Question 1
Sometimes two or more competing interests are responsible for creating perception and increase the risk of poor or bias judgment. Research requires to invest time, money and resources. Knowledge and valuable products are results of research which benefit people and helps to fuel the growth of wisdon. As mentioned by Caplan and Redman (2018) in academic research commercial interestes collaborate and invested in institutions and people so that new ways can be developed to create innovative solutions. It helps to gain enormous money to investors and create a constant support for research.
The primary responsibility of researcher is to find valid and reliable results through opt research design and generalize the knwoledge so that goals of the research can be achieved. Research ethics helps in protecting the righs of research subjects and maintain the trust so that no hurdle can distu
the purpose of the same. According to Al-Zyoud, the secondary financial interests are of prinicipal concerns because the main motive behind research is to support financial gain. The collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and the researchers is critical to drive the scientific progress. It involves developing new drugs, diagnose, preventive devices and cure illness. Funds are required in big numbers so that innovation can be supported without any
For instance, medical companies consistently invest in research to develop new medicines or enhance the effectiveness of existing ones. This after getting successful helps them to increase the sales of the product thus leading to increased financial benefits from the market. During research this aspect mught influence the professional judgment or encourage the researcher to create bias results to support financial interests at personal and professional level.
Substantial conflict of interests has been noticed in medical industy which remain unaddressed over a considerable period of time. This potentially affects the rights of the researcher and the people who are volunteering particpating in clinical trials. As mentioned by Koocher and Page (2021) financial interests are the main source of conflict of interest in research because they can be quantifiable, fungible and objective. It is easy to regulate them as compared to non-financial interests. As a researcher before starting with project be clear about remuneration which will be offered for the services rendered. This might include conversation with senior management, advisory commmitee or experts. It is required to study the budget and available grants which are decided for the research and keep...

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