The following task must be demonstrated in consistent performance in conditions that are safe and replicate the workplace. Noise levels, production flow, interruptions and time variances must be...

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The following task must be demonstrated in consistent performance in conditions that are safe and replicate the workplace. Noise levels, production flow, interruptions and time variances must be typical of those experienced in the general ICT industry, and include access to:

  • Organisational policies, procedures and SLAs for the ICT industry
  • Contexts for negotiating agreements and contracts
  • Current ICT hardware and software products

For this task you are to complete the following activity to demonstrate your ability to interact with clients on a business level, on at least one (1) occasion.

Complete the following steps to review the client’s business domain:

1.Research the organisational service standards, values and culture to determine an understanding of the organisational environment of the clients business.
2.Investigate and document the goods and the services provided by the organisation.
3.If appropriate, review the current service level agreements (SLAS).

Develop new business with the client through completion of the following actions:

4.Research the client service needs and their preferred level of service.
5.Research opportunities for new business with the client.
6.Develop draft at least one clear, concise and comprehensive proposal to cover the at least one of the new initiatives, including the proposed cost and timeframes.

Complete the following steps to negotiate new business initiatives with the client:

7.Conduct a session with the client, and present the new opportunities in a clear, concise and comprehensive manner, including the proposed cost and timeframes.
8.If required, negotiate terms with the client, accurately recording any alterations
9.Clarify any areas of uncertainty or disagreement.
10.Accurately document the agreement negotiated with the client.

Complete the following activities to monitor, adjust and implement procedures to maintain the client focus

11.Formulate and implement the new business.
12.Assess the progress in achieving the new client initiatives.
13.Gather feedback from the client to improve the proposals.
14.Adjust the service provided to the client, based on the client feedback, in line with the organisational guidelines, and document the changes to the new provisions.

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Project Name: Dark Fi
e Agreement
Goals: Providing dark fi
e and network services to more than 3,000 sites over 15 years
· 5G-ready network
· 4,000 kilometres of new fi
e across the sites
· Serving the ever-growing appetite
Project Activities:
· Building the
dark fi
e infrastructure across the 3,000 sites identified
· Upgrading the existing technology to a 5G ready network to make the transition to 5G fast
Project Team:
· Technical Team to look after the network built and a great transition and up-gradation of the existing sites
· Finance Team to see that the funds are available whenever needed for a smooth built
· Human Resources team to look after the talent needed to build the infrastructure
Resource requirements including cost and timeframes
· Legal approvals - $20 million
· Infrastructure - $500 million
· Upgradation - $200 million
· Human Resources - $150 million
· Other resources - $130 million
The timeframe for the project will look like this:
· In the initial 3 years the target will be to achieve the up-gradation of approximately 1,000 sites and provide the services through those sites
· Next 5 years the project will move forward towards the infrastructure built wherever required along with the upgradation
· Next 5 years the integration will happen through all the networks and sites
· Last 2 years the last bit of up-gradation of sites and build of network
· Legal Approvals
· Technology upgradation and transition
· Land acquisition
· Sustainability issues
· No reduction in costs
· Delay in infrastructure built
Business Development Strategy
The business development strategy that will be used will be to transform the existing user base to use the new technology and after that, the users that are not on the network will be targeted through advertisement and other offers that will help the firm to gain market share and earn revenue which will fast track the overall deal and infra built
Proposed Outcomes
The project outcome will be that Vodafone will have a presence in Australia with higher capacity requirements and also, they are one of the leading technologies and telecommunication service providers therefore with this region capture they will grow big and the synergy will help them reduce the global costs and providing better services to the users.
The session will be conducted via a meeting where all the information will be presented to the client using the presentation that will have all the information about the deal and the benefits to both the client and the party which is proposing the deal.
This session will not be the one where only the information will be passed on to the client but it will be an interactive one where after the presentation of the information the client will have the option to amend the information to make it more lucrative for both the...

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