The goal of this assignment is to assess the students’ use of the writing process, MLA format, and an academic writing style, using evidence from class readings to support arguments in forming a...

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The goal of this assignment is to assess the students’ use of the writing process, MLA format, and an academic writing style, using evidence from class readings to support arguments in forming a rebuttal essay.

For this essay, you will complete a two-page rebuttal essay in which you refute eitherThe Communist Manifestoor "What is Capitalism?" Keep in mind, that in writing a rebuttal, you are not refuting just the concept discussed in the source, but refuting the source text, itself. This should take all of the knowledge and skills in regard to argumentation and composition that you have learned this semester.

You will need to use effective prewriting strategies to explore the text you have decide to refute and narrow your main argument down to a thesis statement.The checklist on Rottenberg and Winchel p. 148 gives a good overview of what you must do in order to research, narrow, and organize your approach.

Your body structure for this essay should use the outline shown at the bottom of the page on Rottenberg and Winchel p. 147. Note that the structure given on p. 147 is a bit incomplete, as you will have four main points-- a summary of the source you are refuting and three points of rebuttal.

You will want to use cited examples from the text you are refuting in order to make a specific rebuttal. You may want to also cite evidence from the other source, although that it not a criteria of this assignment.You may complete outside research for this essay, but be very careful that such research is accurate, relevant, and reliable and that you cite it correctly.

The submitted assignment will be organized as follows. There should be a page-break between each section, but it all has to be in one document in order to submit to Canvas.

Essay (two pages minimum) in MLA format

Works Cited page

Research Notes (at least 10 summary, paraphrase, and/or quotations, cited correctly)



Rebuttal EssayRebuttal Essay
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMLA FormatUses proper format for page layout, heading, title, pagination, and paragraphing.
10ptsFull Marks5ptsIncorrectSome errors in MLA format0ptsNo MarksMLA format is very incorrect with multiple issues
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThesisThesis statement is a well-argued, narrowed sentence at the end of the introduction paragraph. Contains a refutation argument which is well narrowed and focused on one of the two texts from class.
10ptsFull Marks7ptsSome Issues with ThesisThesis creates a refutation argument, but is poorly worded or lacks focus.4ptsIssues with ThesisThere is a main argument, but it lacks focus and/or fails to create a refutation argument0ptsNo MarksMissing a thesis argument or is so vague and/or unfocused that it gives no direction for the essay to follow
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStructureFollows the structure suggested in the textbook in which one first summarizes the main arguments of the subject text, then refutes a couple of specific elements of the text, basing arguments on evidence used in the text, assumptions made by the author, logic issues, and/or inability to actually make the proposal work.
10ptsFull Marks7ptsSome Issues with structureHas a summary, but then has too many refutation main points and fails to hone-in on just a couple that can be argued in this length of essay.4ptsIssues with StructureHas a clear structure, but does not follow the structure given in the book.0ptsNo MarksNo clear structure
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSupportUses cited material from the primary source as the main source of cited material. If other cited material is used, that material is used to support arguments made by the student and sources are reputable and non-biased,
20ptsFull Marks15ptsSupport issuesHas some cited material from the primary text, but is not used effectively.10ptsSupport IssuesContains some major issues with source material, which may include biased or unreliable secondary sources or poor usage of primary text5ptsIssues with SupportFar overuses support material and/or secondary sources are unreliable or biased. Contains issues such as block quotes replacing in-depth analysis, misconstrued source material, and/or off-topic source material.0ptsNo MarksNo cited support material
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCitationUses proper MLA style citation for both in-text citation and Works Cited entries.
20ptsFull Marks18ptsSome ErrorsIn-text citation correct, but some minor issues with Works Cited entry10ptsCitation problemsUses primary source author names correctly in-text, but may be missing page numbers in some citations. Or, Works Cited entries have issues such as incorrect citation.5ptsMajor Citation ProblemsCompletely missing page number for in-text citation and Works Cited entries have issues0ptsNo MarksMajor citation problems such as plagiarism and/or in-text citation which is missing author and/or Very incomplete or missing Works Cited entries.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeParagraph Level EditingParagraphs have effective structure with clear topic sentence, effective transitions, and consistent point of view.
5ptsFull Marks4ptsSome paragraphing issuesTopic sentences unclear or very lop-sided paragraph construction with some being much too large. Or couple small slips into 1st or 2nd person point of view.2ptsEditing issuesHeavy use of incorrect point of view.0ptsNo MarksMajor issues with paragraphing, such as body consisting of one huge paragraph and/or extensive reliance of first or second person point of view.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSentence Level EditingSentences have clear structure with effective subjects and verbs that are in agreement in tense, number, etc. Punctuation correct. Sentence structure typical of college-level writing with good variety of sentence construction but no run-on sentences.
5ptsFull Marks4ptsSome editing issuesSome small errors in punctuation or agreement2ptsEditing issuesMany issues with incomplete sentences and/or agreement problems0ptsNo MarksMajor issues with editing such as very poor grammar and sentence construction.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeProofreadingFree of errors such as spelling and typos.
10ptsFull Marks7ptsA few errorsFew proofreading errors4ptsMany ErrorsMany and/or consistent proofreading errors0ptsNo MarksVery sloppy essay with many errors
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeArgumentationDisplays solid understanding of argumentation in the refutation argument, including Toulmin's Model, Rogerian Argumentation, Classical Argumentation, and Stasis Theory.
10ptsFull Marks7ptsSome issues with argumentationOverall, seems to have a solid grasp on argumentation, but may fail to use correct terminology consistently.4ptsPoor argumentationAddresses argumentation as part of the refutation, but does not do so effectively and/or seems to have little grasp on argumentation techniques.0ptsNo MarksFails to use a refutation approach and/or fails to discuss argumentation at all as part of the refutation.
Total Points:100
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