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Oceano Oce it, Maring pC hers | Anographers if 10loa; Ore SClant vi hi in the an are Sv who study the sea and the Ife I" NAersy n from Hin nd of oceanographer They Judy geologists stud W pol Wor Plankton to huge whales. They elp and minerq| € Ocean f and fishing affect ocean lite. Marine emicql 0 : there, They h Eo to learn about mountains, } ing the CeaNographers Pb v5 understand how continents affect j YS hudy is how e are interested in the ocean water. One of tides, ysical Oceano Salat that are dumped into the ocean weath > Waves, an cur rap or study how water moves because arther. rents. Their work helps us understan rOCKS, formed Oceanogr ographers : them work from be many kinds of special equipment. Some of vehicles call oats on the surface. Others use special diving . called submersibles (sub®MEResuh vehicles’ b u esuhebuhls). These watertight may be manned or remotely operated. They all ientists 10 gomiles down ore 1 y op . They allow scie oem n into the ocean to gather data, take pictures, 1d collect samples of water, rocks, and sea animals. Yet other oceanographers dive into the sea themselves. They must wear special equipment to keep them safe and allow them to breathe when they study the ocean. Think about what you just read about scientists who study the ocean. Recall anything else you may know about the ocean or this kind of job. What kind of person could do the work of an oceanographer? Write a paragraph of 8 to 10 sentences telling what traits, knowledge, and attitudes a good oceanographer needs. Use details to support your writing.
Feb 01, 2023

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