The name of the speech is "A More Perfect Union" BarackObama and this is the site for thearticle

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The name of the speech is "A More Perfect Union" BarackObama and this is the site for thearticle

Instructions Please remember this is a time-sensitive assignment. Rough drafts that are not submitted on time may forfeit the opportunity to receive peer reviews. Because of the way Canvas assigns peer reviews, there are no exceptions to this rule.  1. Compose an initial draft of your Rhetorical Analysis of your chosen speech that meets the following criteria: · Audience: You are writing this essay for your instructor and classmates. · Purpose: You are writing the essay to evaluate your chosen speech and analyze it. · Tone: Your writing for this essay should be academic, analytical, and critical. Write in third person point of view. ·  Content: · A strong thesis that includes the speaker's purpose, an overall judgment on whether the speaker is successful, and a short roadmap of how you analyzed the speech. · Body paragraphs that provide quotes and examples from the speech to support the claim of the thesis and explain why the rhetoric works or doesn't work. · A conclusion summarizing the analysis (not the speech). · Formatting: · 900–1500 words. · Uses APA format. · Remember, you can use the template provided in the W04 - W07 Unit Overview: Rhetorical Analysis. All you have to do is delete what is written and replace it with your own information.  · You need a References page for this essay. Your speech should be listed as a reference, and if you use any additional information from outside sources, you should also list that on your references page. Anything you cite in the essay should be on the References page. You can review directions for references here: W06 Quiz: Using Citations in APA.  · In APA, your name, the date, the course, etc. all go on the title page. You are not required to have a title page for this essay. This means you do not need to put your name or the course/instructor name on this essay. We will learn how to do title pages when we write the Explanatory Synthesis at the end of the semester. If you feel more comfortable using a title page, you are welcome to add one to this essay. If you choose to include a title page, please follow APA guidelines as explained here: Purdue OWL APA 2. Review your draft. · Download the Rhetorical Analysis Essay Draft Worksheet Download Rhetorical Analysis Essay Draft Worksheet.  · Review your draft by completing the worksheet. · Do not submit this worksheet. It is for your personal use. It will help you prepare to do your best on the Rhetorical Analysis Essay (worth 15% of your grade). 3. Revise your draft based on your findings from the worksheet. Pay particular attention to the following: · Spelling and grammar. · Whether you fully address the intent of the speaker. · Whether you identify their rhetorical devices and determine whether they are effective or not. 4. Submit your draft by the due date (in a Word or a PDF file only). · As long as you submit on time, you will be assigned two classmates' papers to review, and two of your classmates will review your draft. Canvas will automatically assign you two essays to review once the due date passes.  · By the middle of next week, you will submit a worksheet with your feedback to your assigned classmates. · You will need to submit the worksheet twice: first to your classmates (through this assignment) and second to your instructor (in the peer review assignment). · For more information on how to do this, see the W07 Peer Review of the Rhetorical Analysis assignment. A note on rough drafts: Feedback on rough drafts comes from the peer review process only. Your instructor will complete a rubric to indicate whether you have completed the draft, but your instructor will not leave written feedback on your draft. The focus is on peer review. You will receive feedback from your instructor on your final draft.  Rubric Rhetorical Analysis Draft Rubric (1) Rhetorical Analysis Draft Rubric (1) Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOn Topic The student submitted a document that matches the description of the assigned Rhetorical Analysis. 5 to >3.0 pts Full Marks 3 to >0.0 pts Partially fulfilled 0 pts No Marks 5 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLength Requirement The draft is between 900-1500 words in length. 15 to >12.0 pts Full Marks 12 to >0.0 pts Partially fulfilled 0 pts No Marks 15 pts Total Points: 20 PreviousNext ENG 150 Rhetorical Analysis Essay Draft Worksheet Complete the response portions of the following tables. Spelling and Grammar You should self-correct your own spelling and grammar as much as possible. There are multiple ways to do this, and you are not required to use them all. Mark all of the following tools you used to fix errors in your draft. Tool Mark “X” if Used Spellcheck feature of your word processor Grammarly Have someone proofread your work Get feedback from the Writing Center Other (specify what you used) None (specify why) Overview Self-check Question Response Did I write my draft with my instructor and classmates in mind? Did I evaluate and analyze the speech, or did I just summarize it? Did I write in 3rd person (he/she/they) and avoid subjective statements like “I think” or “In my opnion?” Content Self-check Question Response Did I include a strong thesis? Does the body of my essay focus on identifying the speaker’s purpose, giving necessary context, identifying rhetoric, and determining whether the speaker was successful or not? Do I offer evidence for my analysis of the strength or weakness of the speaker’s arguments? Do I include any extra details or events that don’t really fit or seem to just fill up space? Format Self-check Question Response Is my paper in APA format? Do I appropriately use in-text citations? Do I include a title in bold font, a header with page numbers, proper indenting, and a separate References page in APA format? Quick Revision Make any changes you think are necessary and submit your draft.
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Running Head: Narrative Essay
Narrative Essay 4
major purpose of the speaker in this essay who happens to be one of the most world renowned leader in the world as well as a lot of well-known authors have described him as the greatest speaker that the world has ever seen namely Barack Obama. Furthermore, the speaker emphasized on the unity’s importance among the Americans. Obama via his speech wanted people for overlooking their ethnic backgrounds and joining together as one. This speech brought out a lot of points that Americans must take into the consideration. Moreover, the speech of Obama was extremely inspiring in some of the aspects, but in a way that his speech is quite controversial. The black community is emphasized by Barck Obama more than any other community in the world. The speech will be accessed on various grounds.
Obama’s speech was inspiring in few of the aspects but in a way his speech was also extremely controversial. Still as per a lot of people and personal point of view this speech remains one of the most inspirational speeches till date.
Main body
It is observed that as Obama focuses on the African American community more than some other local area so it turns out to be very dubious after Reverend made a portion of the bigoted remarks. He was running for president at that point and interesting to over all of the minority makes a difference. His discourse was rousing since he referenced how we as a whole come from different foundations and have the bigoted perspective yet these focuses are from past in which no individuals at present at such. Obama additionally involved his own experience as one of the significant device for demonstrating the way that individuals can beat different ethnic foundations. It might be hard in some of...

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