The purpose of the report is to provide an evaluation plan for the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limite (abbreviated ANZ bank). In this group assignment (maximum 5 students) you are required...

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The purpose of the report is to provide an evaluation plan for the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limite (abbreviated ANZ bank). In this group assignment (maximum 5 students) you are required to produce a non-functioning prototype, usability analysis and heuristic evaluation plan for this organization, in the format of a report (2000-2500 words) documenting your design rationale. All members must contribute equally to the assignment and the walkthrough. Non- Banking Group Limited (

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Background information-
According to the Finance Initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ), one of the top 50 banks in the world and one of Australia's top four banks, is fundamentally a global provider of financial and banking services (n.d.). It has been going on for 186 years. ANZ offers card services, checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, mortgages, and term loans. Australia's Melbourne is home to ANZ. It is Australia's second-largest
bank in terms of assets, and third-largest in terms of market capitalization. They provide 8.5 million retail and business customers banking and financial products and services throughout 32 markets (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ), 2020).
The Bank of Australasia was founded in Sydney in 1835 and moved to Melbourne in 1838. The first facility of the Bank of Australasia was formed in 1835 by a young Scottish businessman by the name of George Kinnear. After that, in 1951, the 1835 and 1837, respectively, created Union Bank of Australia and Bank of Australasia were combined to become the ANZ Bank. The English, Scottish, and Australian (ES&A) Bank and the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Bank merged on October 1, 1970, to become the present corporate entity. The largest bank in Australian history was a part of the merger. Its goal is to build a society where people and groups may thrive.In order to increase their clients' capacity to sustain their financial well-being, they provide them with connected, efficient, and cutting-edge services, technology, and insights both independently and in collaboration with other parties. Since January 1st, 2016, Shayne Elliott has been the chief executive officer of ANZ.
The user interface is the most important component of any computer or mobile application (UI). The primary method of communication between a computer and its users is through the user interface (UI), which depicts the logical system in terms of images, colors, text, and even sounds. As a result, each element of the user interface could have a significant impact on how the system works for end users. However, not many people are aware of the user interface's significance. The first impression of a program's user interface has a significant impact on whether or not users choose to use it.
These changes are not just happening in the banking industry. Software for managing funds, adhering to a budget, and even picking investments is available from every financial institution. In addition to giving customers choice and convenience, banking and digital wallet applications aim to alter consumer behaviour.
ANZ has consistently upheld high standards and a highly forward-looking approach in terms of technology, mobile banking, and application development. According to the bank's private assessment, the ANZ Application has issues with user interface design, performance, and varying degrees of functional demands. Due to the steadily growing user population, the ANZ Application has to be updated in order to provide great customer care and ensure customer happiness. The new design must take efficiency, usability, dependability, and usefulness into account. The new user interface is intended to be simpler, more welcoming, and easier to navigate. As a consequence, users of the ANZ banking application will enjoy a unique experience managing their financial operations.
Existing Analysis
· Heuristic Evaluation-
A method for evaluating a user interface's usefulness in relation to modelled usability principles is heuristic assessment. In an interactive design process, the engineering method is crucial for assisting designers in identifying usability issues. Nielsen, Molich, and Nielsen (2000) state that 1994 as stated before, Jacob Nielsen's ten heuristics for user interface design were used to construct this project. These criteria have been effectively applied to several products from well-known companies including Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and others.
The author decided to start this project with heuristic evaluation, which is essentially a usability audit of the cu
ent ANZ Application's UI. There are several payment providers with varying one-touch capabilities on the home screen. Users should be able to complete the transaction by category with the help of these features. However, users find it difficult to swiftly select their desired transactions due to the order of the icons.Savings, loans, investment, insurance, and other banking services are all impacted by the same issue.
Users struggle to complete required tasks, which causes them to feel fundamentally unsatisfied. Additionally, as the software just links visitors to the webpage that contains the necessary information, it does not provide these functions. Then, unnecessary items shouldn't occupy this important screen real estate. The area that the extraneous payment alternatives have taken up in the navigation bar, which was formerly held by the most crucial functional elements, is the second usability ba
ier. Regarding size, quality, and wording, the symbol meets with Apple's and Google's key standards for app user interface design. 2019 (Apple; Google.) The amount of i
itation experienced by users whenever they...

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