The World Economic Forum listed the top 9 ethical issues in Artificial Intelligence. Click the following link to read the article....

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The World Economic Forum listed the top 9 ethical issues in Artificial Intelligence. Click the following link to read the article. to an external site.)

Your task is to pick 1 of the 9 listed issues in that article, and then to write 1,000-1,500 words in an essay, expressing your views on that issue.

Your essay must be written in an academic format - supported by facts, proper references and citations using Harvard referencing style. Follow this outline as your guide

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion
  4. References

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Answer To: The World Economic Forum listed the top 9 ethical issues in Artificial Intelligence. Click the...

Ishfaq Ahmad answered on Jul 03 2022
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AI (artificial intelligence) is the ability of systems or robots to emulate human cognitive functions and to improve themselves based on data collected. AI and automation are rapidly evolving, which are significantly impacting the labor market. W
hile AI and automation may boost some people's productivity, they can also replace other jobs and are projected to impact the future of work significantly. There is a growing call for legislative involvement to address the implications of technological innovation, which are causing concerns about widespread technical unemployment due to rising economic inequality and more automation. It is unknown how much human work will be reduced due to this technology's potential to be incorporated into practically every aspect of how people function. Because of this fear of automation, much media attention has been paid to the future of labor. Wo
ies about technological unemployment and wage destruction, on the other hand, appear to be media hype rather than economic reality. To solve these shortcomings, improvements to data longitudinal and spatial resolution and modifications to data on vocational aptitude are necessary. These achievements will enable multidisciplinary research to predict and quantify the complex evolution of work as technology advances. A choice paradigm that prioritizes resistance to unexpected occu
ences over general equili
ium behavior is recommended due to the inherent uncertainty in anticipating technological development.
While the concepts of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence are not new, it has only recently been revealed that these technologies have the potential to replace people in a number of sectors. Based on existing trends in the growth of these technical industries, it is reasonable to expect that robots and artificial intelligence will replace many millions, if not billions, of employment globally in the next decades. Businesses may benefit financially from not having to pay personnel to complete the activity, but the vast majority of the unemployed would suffer severely.
Artificial intelligence is a scientific field that studies cognitive programming difficulties. Given the multiple practical applications, this is a big issue. According to statistics from major worldwide research organizations, firms that use artificial intelligence instead of human labor may give superior customer service (27 percent). As a result, AI is now viewed as a strategic priority since they believe that it will help them expand into new business areas. Global customers (73...

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