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    Every organisation has now included both the paternal and maternal leave due to the well-being of the newly born child. The gen
der roles have changed, and it is not only the mother’s duty to take care of their child in the initial stage. Though the organisation has taken such step with an open mind, yet the co-workers often mock the father who applies for a parental leave and become bias, and discrimination occurs. As supported by Mulder (2018), such system is protected by the equality law which allows both gender to apply for their parental leave. The father and mother may face the challenge from the organisation in the perception of the Bureaucracy theory which implies the equal distribution of work to
ing more economic profit. However, according to Bo
y and Reuter (2022), the human rights is often approached in case of such theory as their remains a discrimination in the amount of salary between the mother and the father based on which the leave must be shortened for the father. The perception of parental leave must be changed with the impartial management and an unbiased organisational behaviour which will not make the parents reluctant about their parental leave. Secondly, the scientific management theory of the organisational behaviour can be used to remove the stereotypic concept which will help to reduce the challenges in parental leave. As supported by Petts, Knoester and Li (2020), the scientific approach of the management theory represents a longer paid parental leave for the mother than the father. This arises a feeling of bias in the organisation and the mother often tends to re-join as early as possible. The scientific theory takes the situation and study them scientifically to remove the stereotyping from the organisational behaviour. It helps to maintain the co-operation between the workers reducing the challenges of the parental leave. The mother often fears of losing their job as they need to hand over their job role to another employee. This makes the mother reluctant about taking longer parental leave. This can be dealt with the attribution of the workers through the administrative theory. The theory will clarify the individual value, position, involvement, dignity, and interest in the organisation. As supported by Vatankhah and Raoofi (2018), the attribution theory often changes the misperception about the mother and the father of losing their job if longer leaves are taken. It
ings out the value of each employee in the workplace which changes the organisational behaviour of the employees. Challenges such as gender inequality, longer leaves for the mother, fear of losing the job position, and discrimination from the other employees often stops the parents from taking parental leave and choose the alternative way to keep their child in a day-care service. The care in the initial days of a child cannot be provided by the day-care service and it creates a psychological impact on the child. hence the organisation tris to work on several organisational behaviour theories to remove such challenges and
ing an equity in the system. The policy is also introduced regarding the leave...

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