This assignment is based on the required readings that discuss the artists Gustave Courbet and Eduoard Manet. Using the information from those readings and the FADIS images that correspond to them,...

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This assignment is based on the required readings that discuss the artists Gustave Courbet and Eduoard Manet. Using the information from those readings and the FADIS images that correspond to them, write a short essay (approximately XXXXXXXXXXwords, typewritten, double-spaced) comparing the innovations of Gustave Courbet to those of Eduoard Manet. Address the following in your essay:

How did each artist contribute individually to the “rise of modernism?’”

? What similarities do you find in their approach to their work both technically and stylistically, their attitude toward critics, and their status as innovators of their time?

? What differences do you see in their contributions to Modern art?.

? Use at least one specificartistic example from each artist to substantiate your points. Be detailed when discussing the image.

Please note this essay is your own critical analysis of the two artists, but you might quote from the readings. If you do take information directly from the readings, you must cite your source in your essay (use author and page number next to quote). Check thedue date located at the top of the page. NOTE: I will not accept papers that use sources other than the assigned readings (especially Wikipedia).

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Gustave Cou
et and Eduoard Manet were two pivotal figures in the realm of art who
evolutionized genres of art and paved the way for their evolution in the future. Their
contribution to the rise of modernism is undeniable and though their approaches have got some
differences there is also some similarities within their approaches and their attitude towards the
critics and their innovations culminated into a form of art which actually changed the face of art
et was a rebel-artist whose primary endeavor was to change the taste of the
common mass regarding painting and to change the way public use to see paintings and painters.
And in order to accomplish his goal he gave rise to the genre of realism. Cou
et, though was
criticized vehemently for his experiments with art, never could be discouraged in his efforts and
opposing the view of his critics Cou
et argued that there is no such obligation for a painter to
produce paintings bearing religious essence or having a historic or mythological nature. The
traditional genre of landscape art, still life and personal portraits also bored the rebel-artist and
hence, to get rid of such monotony in paintings Cou
et wanted to paint pictures of people as
they really looked with all their beauty and with all their ugliness. The greatest contribution of
et in the realm of art was that he wanted art to be less frolicsome and more realistic. Such
concept of Cou
et actually initiated the rise of modernism. It is to be remembered that through
his paintings Cou
et tried to represent ordinary daily life in a greater degree. And all such
qualities of Cou
et can be found in his painting of the Stone
eakers. Representing two life-size
figures of a child and an old man the painting of the Stone
eakers actually symbolizes the
legacy of human labor which has optimally contributed to the progress of human society and
culture. The painting symbolizes two stages of life, the new and the old, the alpha and the...

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