Annnotated bib 2Lopez, E. (2021, September 2). Burlington's sourcing costs are up 78% over 2 years due topandemic supply chain disruptions. Retail Dive. Retrieved October 24, 2022,...

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this is a business writhing assignment I have attached what I was trying to write and files to help you with the assignment and the directions. if you want to use your own topic let me know because it might take time and I would have to ask my teacher about it. but if you want to use the topic I started I have sources that I attached and my idea. let me know what us think and this is 8 pages no plagiarism.

Annnotated bib 2 Lopez, E. (2021, September 2). Burlington's sourcing costs are up 78% over 2 years due to pandemic supply chain disruptions. Retail Dive. Retrieved October 24, 2022, from cks/605947/ The author details how product sourcing for Burlington stores increased during the course of the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. He contrasts the costs of the supply chain before and after the pandemic, which had a significant impact on the company. The article outlines why company executives gave three explanations for why supply chain costs are resulting in high pricing, and why they believe the cost hikes are just temporary. Shoulberg, W. (2020, March 6). Burlington pulls the plug on e-commerce; can any retailer afford to do that? Forbes. Retrieved October 19, 2022, from ommerce-can-any-retailer-afford-to-do-that/?sh=29e3299986c7 This article by Forbes talks about how Burlington walked away from e-commerce business. The article describes how much effect and profit the e-commerce business has for burlington. It also shares the thoughts of the people making the decision and their plans for walking away from e-commerce business. Ngoh, C.-lyn. (2022). The effect of COVID-19 on consumers’ channel shopping behaviors: A segmentation study. Shibboleth authentication request. Retrieved October 16, 2022, from 98922001588 This report utilizes segmentation to look at customer purchase patterns before and after COVID-19 to explore these challenges. Latent Profile Analysis revealed six segments that differ in three dimensions: in-store vs. online activity prior to COVID-19, in-store vs. online behavior during COVID-19, and the shift in channel shopping behavior from prior to during COVID-19, using survey data from 485 U.S. participants. This study examines how customer segments and their behavior may alter as a result of changes in the buying environment. These results provide additional evidence and comprehension for the hypothesis that customers shopped online more frequently than in-store during COVID-19 than they did before. Walsh, J. (2021, March 4). Burlington stores chain reports lower sales and $216.4m loss. Courier. Retrieved October 20, 2022, from ales/6917873002/ The Courier Post article details how significantly Covid-19 impacted Burlingtone's financial situation. This report demonstrates how the pandemic affected Burlington's sales and financial loss. Additionally, it covers the company's long-term goals and how they want to accelerate growth over the following years. Matt, G. (2020, December 4). Banking & Finance: E-Commerce Strength Boosts Retailers' Sales. Retrieved October 27, 2022, from In this newspaper the author explains how retail e-commerce sales rose by a significant amount during the pandemic and how it helped their business survive in that environment. It also talks about how convenient it is for shoppers to be able to shop online during holiday seasons when stores are packed with shoppers. S.Sajeesh. (n.d.). Optimal checkout strategies for online retailers. Shibboleth authentication request. Retrieved October 26, 2022, from 35921000488 The author of this journal highlights the value of an online retailer's Checkout procedure as a crucial component of shopping. The growth of internet retailing and how it has compelled businesses to optimize the shopping experience for customers are also covered in the paper. This essay focuses on the variables that merchants must take into account when deciding whether to provide customers a flexible checkout option or a limited checkout option. Shaw, N. (2020, June 16). What the growth of e-commerce means for employment opportunities. Firsthand. Retrieved October 27, 2022, from ployment-opportunities The author of this article discusses how increased e-commerce benefits employment chances. The development of new technology has been accelerated by the e-commerce industry's ongoing expansion. Modern technology has streamlined almost every facet of daily living. Business writing So for this I did To: Prof. From: Zereab Walelign Subject: Final Project Status Report Date: October, 20 2022 My audience is going to be the corporate manager of Burlington Coat. I chose to do research on how covid-19 affected Burlington coat since the retail store does not provide online services. Most people were online shopping during the peak of the vires and my research is going to be finding out how much money they lost, how the store responded, and why corporations haven't thought about setting up an online store for online shoppers. Burlington Coat stopped selling merchandise online and decided to expand physical stores and since I work for Burlington Coat most customers ask if we sell merchandise online. I will also look into how Burlington did throughout covid-19 and how they could potentially increase their seals if they also start an online store. I will interview customers and the store major to see their thoughts on having an online store for Burlington Coat. In this interview, I will also be looking into how covid-19 affected the employees' income. This research will help the store by giving them an insight into how customers feel about an online store which will help maximize the store's income and create more job opportunities. FURTHER GUIDANCE: Remember, we are not working with hypothetical situations, or issues limited to this particular course. You are pursuing opportunities relevant to specific, real-world business audiences with a real problem/opportunity to address. You are being asked to choose specific, professional, organizational audiences so that you can tailor your proposal to them as closely as possible. Indeed, you will be assessed on your ability to determine what exactly the audience (or stakeholders) need/s, and how well you are able to respond to that need in the form of your final project. Regardless of what topic you have chosen to pursue, the best way to refine this assignment is to identify your audience, then brainstorm issues to address in relation to that audience, not the other way around. Review: Planning, Organizing and Writing your Literature Review A. What is a literature review? Review the videos: Some definitions: · A summary of the research that has already been done on the topic. A critical recap on what has already been written on a particular topic. There is already research out there that has been done about your topic. You are going to find it, read it, analyze it, and then synthesize why it is relevant to your project topic. 1) A literature review is a summary of academic research that has been done on your topic that is relevant to your research question/topic. It is like an “audit” or “inspection into” what is already out there on your topic. Why does it matter? 2) A literature review helps you find out what has already been written about your topic, and how researchers have already approached the problem. 3) A literature review gives your reader an overview of the knowledge you have gained about your topic 4) You find out the gaps in the research, so you can add something new to the field. You will give your take on the problem, provide a new angle: give your opinion, debate a new argument, fill a gap in the research, etc. B. Ask yourself: Have you searched enough for relevant academic literature on your topic? Have you found relevant articles in peer-reviewed journals, books, (chapters), newspaper articles, etc? Academic Library databases: Ebsco, WorldCat, Business Complete, GoogleScholar. ○ Scan Bibliographies of your resources for more relevant resources. ○ Take notes when you read: Identify themes, debates, and gaps in your research. C. Ready to write your literature review? Look for ways to compare and analyze your resources: · Trends and Patterns · Themes · Debates and contradictions · Influential resources (high number of citations) · Gaps D. Decide how you will structure your literature review. · Chronological (older to most recent) · Thematic (decide on major key themes)** · Methodological (compare different research methods) · Theoretical (define opposing theories or models) E. Your Literature Review must have: ● Introduction ● Main body (summarizes, synthesizes your resources) ● Conclusion Writing the First Draft of the Final Business Writing Project Day 1: The following elements of your final paper: Title Page, Summary, Research Question, Introduction to Body Paragraphs; Literature Review with in-text citations; References. submit the edited 1st draft of your project including the main body paragraphs (4 pages) with primary research, analysis and visuals – two printed copies: One for peer review, one for instructor feedback. Day Two. Editing for Clarity, Form and Function: Revise and Rewrite Start Wrapping up your EPortfolio Submission. final project TOPIC PROPOSAL Working title of your project: 1) Retail store (Burlington) online shopping Purpose of your project 2) The purpose of digital marketing strategy is a collection of deliberate actions carried out online to accomplish particular corporate objectives. This gives retailers the chance to improve the in-store experience by making sure that their websites, advertisements, and search engine optimization are all mobile-friendly. Brief Description 3) I'll be writing a proposal for Burlington retail store with a strong emphasis on online selling. Retail stores like Burlington are crucial in bridging the gap between product manufacturers and the final consumer. They provide a simple setting for customers to evaluate and select from a variety of manufacturers in order to find the greatest deal and offer for their needs. This fosters healthy competition among manufacturers, who will work hard to provide goods of the highest caliber at the most competitive prices in an effort to outsell rival brands in stores. Customers would have to purchase straight from the factory outlet, where all the products are of the same brand, in the absence of a retailer. Or they would need to travel to various stores to shop for various brands. Numerous online platforms enable businesses to connect with clients across the country or around the world, expanding their clientele and revenue potential. Customers can make purchases from the convenience of their homes. The internet simplifies and facilitates shopping for the consumer. A business can extend or add inventory by selling online. Since I've been working for Burlington for about a year, I can say that by not selling anything online, Burlington is losing money. 4) What is your main research question? Why is Burlington not selling merchandise online? 5) List relevant terms and keywords Money, online shopping, resources, availability, customer satisfaction, marketing, business management, time 6) Author, V. (2019, April 20). Importance of Online Shopping Nowadays. The Visual Communication Guy. Retrieved October 11, 2022, from ng-nowadays/ Duff, V. (2017, November 21). Can We Do Two Types of Business in One Place? Small Business - Retrieved October 11, 2022, from Mahmoud, R. (2022, September 15). Why Are Retail Stores Important? Retail
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Answer To: Annnotated bib 2Lopez, E. (2021, September 2). Burlington's sourcing costs are up 78% over 2 years...

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Table of contents
Introduction    3
Background    4
Why is Burlington not selling merchandise online?    5
Digital marketing strategy for Burlington    6
Conclusion    10
References    12
    Burlington is a retail establishment that offers name-brand clothing, accessories, home goods, and so forth at less money than your ordinary department store. American shoppers on average are attracted to Burlington. The Americans have enamored thanks to the phenomenal
deals and excellent clothing. Contingent upon the state, city, county, or neighborhood you live in, the degree of services will change. For instance, the goods are better in areas with a high white population. Contingent upon your residence, a scope of name-brand clothing and home goods is accessible. Burlington is a fantastic location to browse for bargains. However, the city I reside in is chaotic. At Burlington, there are several factors that could drive away consumers and lessen profitability. I'd need to comment on Burlington's customer service, organization, appearance, and environment. A retail shop needs to provide great customer service to succeed. For me, it wasn't the case. Long lineups are overwhelming for the staff, and they don't seem to like their work. I have gone to Burlington several times, where there are nine register stations, four cashiers, a stuffed shop, and a long line of customers. Chaos reigns, especially around the Christmas season. I have encountered countless instances where there are fewer than four cashiers. The personnel is under a lot of pressure to keep up with consumer satisfaction. However, most of the time, staff occasionally annoy the clients. Other times, it very well may be personal difficulties as opposed to workplace annoyances. Although Burlington experiences both good and horrible days, incidents like this do not have to occur every now and again. The nature of the service could contrast depending on where you reside. Burlington is an extraordinary location for financial planning and well-disposed shopping. Your purchasing there shouldn't be hampered in my opinion. Everyone ought to have their own experiences.
    Burlington Coat Factory, based in New Jersey, does an excellent job, in my opinion, of coordinating its strengths with its customers (Carey, 2021). Burlington's primary office is located in Burlington, New Jersey, where the business was first established. They are the model of a privately-run company, given that it was founded as a privately-run company. They opened their first business in Burlington, New Jersey, in 1972. They try to foster a work environment that occasionally prioritizes family. I accept that their inside perspective aids them in developing compelling promoting plans. To make clients the focal point of their business, they were exceptionally committed to customer orientation. That appears to have originated from the inside. Your group can convey the same emotion to the customer in the event that they are content and accept they matter. Our book discusses small m showcasing, which begins inside and is concerned with a company's day-to-day operations and responsibilities. All that I've found out about their business demonstrates how much consideration they take for their staff and how it permeates each aspect of day-to-day operations. Burlington uses the blissful vibes it offers its staff to spread those vibes to its customers. They emphasize relationships to hold their present clients coming back. They use loyalty schemes for this. These programs offer discounts, early access, and savings, which keep loyal clients satisfied. Additionally, they emphasize numerous personalization’s to make every consumer want more. There is something for everyone at the store because they provide such a vast scope of selections. Although the choices seem adjustable, the items aren't actually. Anything any location, you might discover clothes for all seasons and all ages, shoes, accessories, home goods, toys, electronics, and more when you enter a Burlington store. Everyone can track down something on the off chance that they only look. Most of my preconceived ideas about showcasing focused on advertising.
    The CEO during Covid stated that their first concern is ensuring the health and safety of their employees, clients, and the communities they serve. Their retail locations and conveyance hubs were instructed to close down temporarily and reopen once it is secure to do so. They were continuing to go to lengths across their organization to best position Burlington for the short and long terms in response to the unusual conditions they confront. The Company offered two weeks of monetary assistance to employees impacted by the closure of the distribution sites and the previously announced shop closures (Lopez, 2021). The majority of employees at stores and distribution centers have been put on temporary furlough by the company because of the ambiguous length of these closings. In a market...

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