This is an Rstudio assignment.

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This is an Rstudio assignment.

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Answer To: This is an Rstudio assignment.

Mohd answered on Sep 26 2022
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Assignment Three
Assignment Three
Professor Lepore
• [1] Create a bar graph of the mean number of servicing zip codes by community board wit
h the
community boards ‘filled in’ by borough [1 Points]
• [2] Flip the graph with coord flip [1 Points]
• [3] Label the x, y axes and create a title [1 Points]
• [4] Use a theme for your plot other than the one used in class [1 Points]
• [5] Use geom_text or geom_label to label | annotate the bars in your graph with the co
values [3 Points]
• [6] Interpret your graph [3 Points]
• [Note] When turning in your assignment please attach both this RMD file and the html knitted
file. I’ve already set the specific chunk settings for this assignment. Also be sure to rename both as
Be sure to cite your code references/sources
Extra points (1)
• Change the borough colors to a color scale of your choice. Cannot be the same as the default ggplot
color scale (see Chunk 5 Extra Credit Hints)
Partial credit is possible for task five and six.
# Chunk Options ----------------------------------------------------------------
echo = TRUE,
fig.align = "center"
# R PACKAGES -------------------------------------------------------------------
if (!require('tidyverse'))
epos = "http:");
## Loading required package: tidyverse
## -- Attaching packages --------------------------------------- tidyverse 1.3.1 --
## v ggplot2 3.3.5 v pu
## v ti
le 3.1.8 v dplyr 1.0.7
## v tidyr 1.1.4 v stringr 1.4.0
## v readr 2.0.0 v...

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