This paper is due on june 5 6pm CST , and it is important that alll instructions be respected . all questions atre to be responded as require and all words counts to be respected . the similarity...

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This paper is due on june 5 6pm CST , and it is important that alll instructions be respected . all questions atre to be responded as require and all words counts to be respected . the similarity scores cannot be more than 15% and all section are to be in APA formate. A reference page is require for each section, and it is important to clearly respond to all questions. See attachment for details on the questions
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This paper is due on June 5, 2012 at 6pm CST , and it is important to respond to all questions on each section base on U.S laws . The similarity scores cannot be more than 15%, and a reference page is require at the end of each section . It is critical that all questions and bullet points in each section be clearly responded to .SECTION AThis section should contain 400 words document , and a reference page at the end , and it is important that the similarity scores be less than 15% all in APA format.Immigration in the United StatesThe United States is a nation of immigrants. There is a great deal of controversy over issues of undocumented immigration. Using your textbook and other objective academic resources, discuss the complex issue of immigration. Write 400 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.Include the following in your analysis:Provide a summary of the historical pattern of immigration concerns and the economy.How are certain groups targeted?What role do corporations that use cheap labor practices play at home and overseas?Does immigration pose a threat to the host nation? SECTION BThis section should contain 1000 words documents , an abstract, a running head and paper number , and a reference page all in APA format with a similarity scores of less than 15%. It is important that you address all points in the questions. In text citation is highly recommended. All four bullets points must clearly be address in this section .Discusses various cultural models in terms of immigration, such as assimilation, pluralism, and multiculturalism. What model is used today? Your analysis should include a response to the following:Discuss the assimilation, pluralism, and multiculturalism models, and include their historical timelines.How is it that certain groups in the United States never given the opportunity to “assimilate”? Include...

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Section B
Section A.
America has been the destination point for a stable flow of migrant through out the history. During the regal period most travellers came from northern European countries. During 1770s, with the start of the Revolutionary War, the number of emigrants decreased their number suddenly increased again during the 1840s and 1850s. Many people came from Ireland and Germany because distressing failures of crops forced many residents to depart their native soil. Many people settled in New York City and the population increased from 200,000 residents in 1830 to 515,000 in 1850. There were a million residents in New York by 1860. More than half of the city's population at that time were immigrants and their American-born children.
America's growing industrial economy required the addition of many more workers after the Civil War and was overflowing again by immigrants who a
ived Europe. Most of these new a
iving immigrants were poor and uneducated. Many were peasants from rural regions who were being pushed out by Europe's industrial revolution.
Immigration declined noticeably, and remained low through the 1930s and early 1940s. The number of immigrants began to rise again during the late 1940s, and has risen gradually since that time. Immigration has also
ought a lot of problems which have not been solved so easily. For example there are cultural differences and language ba
iers among different ethnic groups and this has given rise to conflicts between them. Also, immigrants are unable to swiftly incorporate themselves to the customs of American social life. Economy of the nation has reached a point of maturity, and avenues for speedy economic and te
itorial development have largely been closed.
Many non-Protestant European immigrant groups as well as other immigrants from somewhere else had to suffer xenophobic elimination and other forms of prejudice in American society.
Offshore outsourcing, or offshoring, is a term used to describe the practice of using cheap foreign labor to manufacture goods or provide services only to sell them back into the domestic marketplace. Opponents of offshoring claim that it takes jobs away from Americans, while also increasing the imbalance of trade.
Immigration may pose a threat to the host nation depending on many factors such as the scale of the immigration, the type of people immigrating, and whether they are immigrating with a legal or an illegal status.
For these reasons, it is essential that we examine cu
ent policies in order to assess whether they best serve the interests of both American citizens and of those immigrants who a
ive with the belief that opportunities for a good life will be available here. At issue is the general question of whether we should continue our longstanding policy of openness, or "close the gates" in order to protect the existing levels of prosperity that most American citizens enjoy.
Section B
The hypothesis that represented the most well-known perception on mobility of migrant group is assimilation theory that is discussed in the work of sociologists like Milton Gordon, Richard Alba, and Victor Nee. This viewpoint explains a process, often called acculturation, by which contact to...

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