To assist you in developing your reflections, you should be writing weekly diary notes recording your experiences (both positive and negative), on the topics and discussions. To ensure the success of...

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To assist you in developing your reflections, you should be writing weekly diary notes recording your experiences (both positive and negative), on the topics and discussions. To ensure the success of your Reflective Journal make certain that you incorporate the following: • At least one (1) example that was most relevant to you from your chosen topics • Paragraphs that don’t just describe your experiences but critically analyse them as well You should refer to at least three (3) relevant theories that you have covered during the subject to support your responses. Please refer to the Assessment Marking Guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.
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A leader is a person who helps the team to do the co
ect things and thereby helping himself. He motivates the entire people under him and those people listen to him and follow him. The leader is the person who sets the target for people and then motivates the people to achieve those targets and goals. Some people are considered to be as born leaders and some are considered to have developed the skill and art of leadership. A leader is a person who prioritizes the interest of the team than to the personal interest involved. A leader is should have the art of making people do what is wanted by the leader. Leadership is a quality which is required not only in an organization or business houses but also in our daily lives, leaders in some popular segment such as political leaders, religious leaders, community leaders etc.
I believe that a leader should take together a team and experience the work himself to attain the knowledge about the time consumption. This makes a leader understand the work done by his team and he can set the targets appropriately. This also helps in gaining the trust of the team members.
The leaders can be in area of life but there are certain factors that are common with most of the leaders which either they have developed over time or have their innate nature like that. All the leaders have few factors which differentiate them from others and make leaders what they are. Leadership is a quality which can be developed with practice of the qualities that a leader should posses. The real question that can be na
owed down is that is a leader or can a leader be made or the qualities be developed over time. Child prodigies are gifted children which make them expert or leader in a certain area. For example Mozart who was gifted with extraordinary talent of music and certainly excelled. But the main question being that can this be developed.
A research was conducted in West Berlin, Germany by a group of people led by Professor Ericson where they segregated the students in a music academy in three groups based on the level of excellence and exceptional talent. Then these groups were individually observed for the search of the reason of the talent and exceptional skill. They found out that the most exceptional group of students started very young and the amount of time they put in practicing the music instruments was the most. The research of all the three segments concluded that the accumulated lifetime practice time by each student was 10000 hours for the most exceptional group, 8000 hours was the accumulated lifetime practice by the second most exceptional group and 5000 hours by the third most exceptional group. The researcher applied the same to other fields such as chess maters, scientists, athletes etc, and they found out similar result.
For the above mentioned research it was found that the real differentiator was practice is critical for a leader to develop the qualities and the effectiveness that comes along with that. The time and effort if put in the co
ect direction can be make a person a leader.
The leaders all across the globe possess certain traits that are common amongst all of them. These traits might be a habit or an internal personality of the leader but it is common. Of the most common habit of leaders such as Bill Gates, Late Steve Jobs, Mr Narendra Modi, Ba
ack Obama and other world leaders is that they all get up very early in the morning. This may be because of various reasons but this is a common trait (Kouzes, J.M. and Posner, B.Z., 2016). It may or may not work on everyone else but for most of them it works.
In the personality factors, following are the scores that I received out of 4, in regard of the under-mentioned factors:
1. Warmth: I received a score of 2.9 out of 4 in warmth which is an above average score and it reflects that the level of comfort that the leader can...

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