To make this order, which is a research paper in anthropological archaeology, you must meet 3 conditions:First: You must be an expert in Human Evolution and Archaeology in Anthropology.Second: You...

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To make this order, which is a research paper in anthropological archaeology, you must meet 3 conditions:First: You must be an expert in Human Evolution and Archaeology in Anthropology.Second: You must carefully complete all assignment requirements indicated in the Assignment.Third: You must be professional (the paper must be written strictly according to all the requirements, if it is not written according to the document's requirements, I will ask for a rewrite). You must take this paper seriously, thank you. The length of the paper should be between 5-7 pages (if you feel that the research paper needs to be written too much you can continue to 6 or 7 pages.
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Answer To : To make this order, which is a research paper in anthropological archaeology, you must meet 3...

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Primates which are species of monkeys, human, apes consisting of more than 300 species. The primates can be easily distinguished from other mammals based on the traits such as specialized structure, behavior, low smelling sense, grasping five finger hands and having feet with nails rather
than claws, sharp vision and in-depth perception due to forward facing eyes, large
ains and protracted pre- and post-natal growths. Further, primates are a diverse group of mammals on the earth. These species consist of lemurs which have more than 70 species in a family of six. The other types of primates are lorises consisting of three or more species in a sub family. It’s the tarsiers which consists of six or more species in a single family. Further, there are almost 100 species in a family of five known as the new world monkey along with apes and human beings which are of atleast 20 species in a family of two. According to the primate’s morphology, the oldest fossils remnants of the primates is more than 60 million years old. The two species of primates which will be compared in this discussion will be the great ape’s gorilla which belongs to the Hominidae family and the second will be lemurs which belongs to the Infraorder Lemuriformes family. The questions that will be raised will be are the gorilla species different from that of lemur in terms of locomotive skills and capability? Secondly, is gorilla and human species being more aggressive than that of the lemur species?
    Linnaean classification helped in dividing an object into animal, vegetable or natural resources. Further these three original domains were sub-divided into kingdoms which are further
oken into Phyla or classes and further sub-divided into orders, genera, species and families (Helmenstine). The Due to biomolecular and genetic research conducted with the help of fossil fuel evidence, there were similarities observed among various species by reclassifying chimpanzees and gorillas in the family. The primates’ gorillas and lemurs belong to the Mammalia or mammals and are classified as Chassis 1 in the animal kingdom. The gorillas can be reclassified into eastern and western gorillas. The eastern gorillas are called the Gorilla beringer and are of two types. These are eastern lowland gorilla called graueri and mountain gorilla called beringei. The western gorillas are segregated into western lowland gorillas called the gorilla and cross river gorilla better known as the diehli (Seaworld). The lemurs can be related to squi
els and cats. Further, lemurs can be reclassified to humans. Further, lemurs are also called primates and consists of monkey, apes and human being. There are around 32 different species of lemurs available universally (Glander).
    The morphological features of gorillas are that they are exceptionally large and are extremely powerful primates in the chassis 1 animal kingdom. They do not have tail but their skin color is jet black. Their face consists of short muzzle, prominent ridge in the
ow, huge nose, smaller eyes and ears. Further, the gorillas have large and
oad jaw muscles, extremely strong teeth and dark hairs covered on their whole body expect the face, ears, feet and hands of the gorillas. The older males are known for their silver backs and weighting upto 180 kgs for male gorillas. Further, the large males have large body size, have canines and string jaw musculature which increases their social and physical power in the group. They have large thumbs with nails and walks with hunched back, in a quadrupedal manner along with the hands being curled and their knuckles touching the ground (Deblase and Martin). The lemurs on the other hand have large eyes, face is like fox but the body resembles that of a monkey and have long hind limbs. Lemur have long tails and lengths around 9 cm to 70 cm exclusive of their tails. Sometimes the tails of the lemur are longer than their body. They have wooly furs which is reddish in color, it is also grey and
own and even sometimes white. Further, they have eye-rings markings in their body. The lemurs have reflective layer behind the retina of their eyes,...

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