Topic Selection, Project Brief</o:p> </o:p> Full Name</o:p> Student ID</o:p> Subject ITC571 – Emerging Technology and Innovations</o:p> Assignment No Topic Selection,...

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Topic Selection, Project Brief

Full Name

Student ID

Subject ITC571 – Emerging Technology and Innovations

Assignment No Topic Selection, Project Brief

Due Date 16 th November 2018

Lecturer’s Name:

** Please strictly follow the subject Outline, this is just a guideline.

1. Project Title:

2. Project Problem Domain: Why are you doing this? Is the Key Research Question ready?

3. Background/Context/Description: Workplace or personal project?

4. Project Aim/Objectives:

5. Scope:(detailed list of everything this project is expected to deliver.)

6. Not in scope: (use this section to define the what is out of scope e.g. you are

researching the user experiences with a web app tool but don’t want to use a phone

app for testing.)

7. Deliverables/Outcomes:

8. Resources:

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Anju Lata answered on Nov 18 2020
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Running Head: IoT in Smart Homes
IoT in Smart Homes
Project Brief
Topic: IoT in Smart Homes
Full Name:
Student ID:
Subject ITC571: Emerging Technology and Innovations
Lecturer’s Name:
1. Project Title: IoT in Smart Homes
2. Project Problem Domain
The smart homes have IoT based interconnectivity to facilitate the automated management of equipments (like security camera, heater, lights, computers, home appliances) and remote monitoring (Woodford, 2018). The project will explore the innovations IoT is
inging to the smart homes. It answers...

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