topic : top ten technologybase history of world techonology

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topic : top ten technologybase history of world techonology
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Top Ten Technology Based History Of World Technology
Top ten technology based history of world technology                      
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    Following is a list of top ten technologies from ancient to modern times, and their history.
1. Simple Machines
    The six classical simple machines, lever, wheel and axle, pulley, screw, inclined page, and wedge, utilized simple mechanical advantage or leverage to amplify force. The scientists of the Renaissance defined these inventions through experiments. The mechanism of these simple machines follows the use of a single force to work against a single load force. These formed the foundation of a majority of other giant machines. Several of these machines were invented in ancient Mesopotamia, although Archimedes first conceptualized them.
2. The Antikythera Mechanism
    The Antikythera device, invented on the minor island of Antikythera in Greece over two thousand years ago, was discovered by marine divers in 1901. A baffling device, the Antikythera has gears and an ancient clock-like mechanism that was once functional. In the 1970s, scholars realized that this was a computer-like device that followed simple analog principles. Some of its meshing gears, made of
onze, were used to follow the movement of the Moon and Sun. Different twenty-first century scholars have attempted to restructure the device with newly ordered gear schemes.
3. Concept of ‘0’
Considering how modern mathematics or the binary structuring of computer programming would be technically impossible without it, the inclusion of ‘0’ in this list is justified. Humans owe their ability to count from zero to the ancient Indians. The concept of zero was first conceived by an Indian scholar Pingala in the 2nd./3rd. Century BCE, who used it in his binary notations. It is believed that the idea of zero literally traveled to the Arab world and then to the West through trade relations. The notion of zero in India or the Eastern hemisphere is associated with the concept of sunyata meaning nothingness.
4. Vegvisír
    The Vegvisír can be called the equivalent of modern-day GPS. Seafaring Scandinavian tribes used this smaller version of sunstones to navigate the sea. “The eight rune staves could co
espond to the cardinal and intercardinal directions (North, North East, East, South East etc.). With a nail placed in the center, its shadow would reveal the directions”.[footnoteRef:0] This symbol still serves as spiritual guidance for people of certain faiths and Nordic tribes. The compass symbol is...

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